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Grilling Tips for Beginners

Riley Reese
in How To

Grilling isn't like most other forms of food prep. It's done in an outdoor setting, and to a point, showing your pitmaster skill is a feat that puts your mettle to the test more than a tour through a ...

Cheap Meals You Can Cook in a College Dorm

Madeline Basirico
in How To

Let's face it: most universities have gross dining halls. Often they'll have hockey puck burgers and pizza that resembles cardboard. If you're lucky, your dining hall might have a salad bar that isn't...

Healthy Fast Food Lunches

Ossiana Tepfenhart
in Buyer's Guide

Fast food is notoriously bad for you, and that shoddy reputation definitely is rightfully earned. Many fast food lunches can load you up with over 1,000 calories and several times your daily recommend...

Best Summer Desserts

Rowan Marley
in Culture

Desserts are a lot like bands—everyone has a favorite. Everyone's favorite desserts also tend to shift with the seasons, which mean that the best summer desserts are often very different from the ones...

No! It Doesn’t Taste Like Chicken —Camel Meat—Fit For A Sultan’s Feast

Marlene Affeld
in Buyer's Guide

Long treasured in Middle-Eastern countries as a delicacy, camel meat is often the featured culinary highlight for galas, receptions, banquets and serious celebrations. Specialist camel butchers prepar...

Saving Recipes:

Bridget Meier
in How To

Yesterday was Father's Day. I, being hungry, decided to bake a cake. So, I get through the process and put it in the oven. It occurs to me that I didn't have frosting. Being resourceful, I looked up h...

Food Fights in Film

Cato Conroy
in Entertainment

In school, food fights are something that every teacher dreads — and it's obvious why. They're messy, and if a fight breaks out, they'll have to call parents to get a new change of clothing for the kids that weren't able to dodge milk. Thankfully, most food fights aren't as crazy as the ones you see in movies, and they're usually rather rare. But, that's not to say that we haven't all wished to see a movie-style food fight at least once in our lives. There's something about the insane-yet-choreo...

Best Grilling Gear

Riley Reese
in Buyer's Guide

Unless you're a real professional pitmaster, there's only so much that a poorly crafted barbecue pit can do. Cooking the old fashioned way is difficult and frankly, it often means that you will end up...

Posh Nosh

Dora Bona
in Humor

Restaurant menus are like blurbs for real estate properties. Colourful, descriptive, and mostly unintelligible language used with flourish to sell mutton dressed up as lamb. Heavy on the adjectives, a...

Cuisine Spotlight: Bandeja Paisa

Benjamin Weinberg
in Culture

For my first post in the new "Cuisine Spotlight" series, I will be focusing on my favorite dish here in Colombia, which is known as the "Bandeja Paisa." Flavorful, unique, and made up of different foo...

How Coffee Can Impact Your Mood

Adam Daniel
in Science

It’s a fact that holding a cup of hot coffee will warm your hands on a cold day—but could it also warm our hearts? New studies show that experiencing physical warmth may actually promote interpersonal...