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My passions are writing and creating poetry. I write for several sites online and have four themed blogs. 

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Albanian Cuisine
3 months ago
The cuisine of Albania, as with most Mediterranean and Balkan nations, has been strongly influenced by its long history. The occupations by Greece, Italy, and the Ottoman Turks have left its mark on A...
New York City Food
4 months ago
New York City style hot dogs, especially with sauerkraut, sweet relish, onion sauce, ketchup, and/or mustard.
Delicious Food in Champagne and Lorraine
5 months ago
Tasty Food from Two Regions in France
Enjoying Food in Scotland
5 months ago
I have always felt that the best way to get to know people from different countries is by learning about what they like to eat. We all know our own eating habits and pretty much can say what other peo...
Eating the Latvian Way
5 months ago
The traditional kinds of Latvian foods include pork. However, today there are people who eat more chicken, fish, and even those who have become vegetarian. Restaurants in Riga offer many different cui...
The Best Seafood from Normandy and Brittany
6 months ago
Along the coastline of France, you can expect to see a lot of seafood. In Normandy, it is more sole and scallops and in Brittany mussels, crayfish and lobster.