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Part 2: Would You Like A Fight With That?
3 months ago
In the first installment of this two-part article series ("Part 1: Would You Like A Fight With That?"), we examined how threats of violence—and actual violence—at the some 14,000 McDonald's restaurant...
Part 1: Would You Like A Fight With That?
3 months ago
McDonald's is at the forefront of a growing concern over worker—and customer—safety today. Is there a solution, or is it just "the way things are today?"
Would You Like a Whopper with Your Traffic Jam?
3 months ago
We have all been there. You are sitting there on the highway. You are surrounded by a sea of other cars. You cannot see any discernible reason as to why you and hundreds, perhaps thousands of other dr...
Part 1—What is a Restaurant Today?
5 months ago
So, you want to open a restaurant? Well, you are not alone. In terms of new business startups, restaurants are always—always—at the top of the list. Why? Because many people simply want to be restaura...
Good Old American Ingenuity Down on the Farm!
7 months ago
When we think of great the great technological advancements of our time, we tend to think of those that grab our collective attention because they are "sexy" and look to have a direct impact on our li...
Give Us More (And More) Fried and Fatty!
9 months ago
Do you watch the news with dread? Do you check your phone with trepidation for the next thing that Trump has done? Does the 24/7 news cycle make your days feel like "dog years?" Do you spend your off ...