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10 Cookbooks for Anime Geeks
4 months ago
Geek culture is absolutely, positively massive. It's an umbrella that holds subcultures like furries, comic book readers, gamers, and, yes, also anime geeks. Out of all the little subcultures geekdom ...
Best Restaurant Cookbooks to Help You Bring Flavor Home with You
5 months ago
There isn't a foodie alive who hasn't dreamed of being a famous chef at one point or another. Most of us, though, don't have the passion or skill it takes to be a world-class chef. So, instead of tryi...
10 Health Foods That Aren't Really Healthy
7 months ago
I remember when I first decided to clean up my diet as a teenager. I wanted to be slender, fit, and healthy because most of my preteen life was spent being bullied about my weight and my acne. So far,...
I Took Gordon Ramsay's Cooking MasterClass and Here's What I Learned
8 months ago
This post contains affiliate links, meaning a small commission is earned if you sign up to Masterclass. Anyone who's ever been to my house or read my restaurant reviews can tell you that I'm a cooking...
Best Healthy Cookbooks of 2018
8 months ago
If there's one trope that has long plagued people who want to eat healthy, it's the "bad health food" stereotype. Health food of the past was known for being pretty terrible, having weird textures, or...
Best Juicers of 2018
8 months ago
Lately, I've started to realize that there are a lot of benefits to adding a little bit of fruit juice into my diet. A daily sip of juice helped me clear up my complexion, stay more alert, and even im...