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Margaret Minnicks shares articles with readers all over the world. Topics include celebrities, royal family, movies, television, foods, drinks, health issues, and other interesting things. Thanks in advance for TIPS that are sent my way. 

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Many Ways to Cook White Potatoes
2 days ago
There is absolutely no reason for white potatoes to become boring in any household. They are so versatile that they can be eaten for breakfast, lunch, dinner, and a snack in between meals. An average ...
How to Keep Your Fruits Fresh
7 days ago
Almost all consumers have had fruits go bad between the time they take them home from the grocery store, and the time their family consumes them. Here are some tips to help you prevent your fruits fro...
Tomato Pie Recipe
8 days ago
Many people in the Northern states have never heard of a tomato pie. If they have heard of it, more than likely they have never made one and served it to their family. People in the Southern states ma...
Beverages That Are High in Sugar
8 days ago
Most people are careful about not eating foods and drinking beverages that are high in sugar content. However, they might be overlooking some beverages that have more sugar than they realize. Accordin...
Different Ways to Use Rotisserie Chicken
19 days ago
Rotisserie chicken can be served to your family as it is when you first purchase it from the grocery store. After a few meals of eating it, it does become boring. However, there are many ways to use l...
Three Parts of a Chicken Wing
a month ago
Just as everyone has a favorite part of the chicken to eat, everyone has a favorite part of the chicken wing to eat. That's because a wing can be cut into three parts before cooking, or left whole for...