Pamela k Conoly

 Mother,love music ,retail,fashion,and food,worked in both. Love mysteries,movies and chocolate,born to shop!:-) She is also a working writer so if you like what your reading please tip her.



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Homemade Whole Wheat Pancakes and Waffles with Iced Vanilla Latte
3 months ago
Never really had an interest, or taste for that matter, for whole wheat pancakes or waffles until my husband had his hip replacement. Then all of a sudden—because he was overweight—he was put on a str...
Best Homemade Chili with Red Wine
3 months ago
When I was a kid my Dad would occasionally make Chili, but only on the weekend, because it was a lot of trouble, and usually took all day. His motto was, "if you're going to be in the kitchen, I'll no...
Best Brunch Recipes with Mimosas
3 months ago
In the spring time, my church women's group always had brunches. There were lots of women, so there was lots of food. We were selective about what we brought, as it wasn't exactly potluck. There was a...
Best Burgers with Margaritas and Daiquiris
3 months ago
I noticed that there is a restaurant in Fort Worth, Texas that serves a burger similar to this. Probably isn't made the same way, but it reminds me of this place downtown near Sundance Square—maybe a ...
OMG! Excellent Brownies with Long Island Tea
3 months ago
My family didn't do a lot of baking. Most of the baking I learned was in home economics, or from my friends' parents. Brownies can be a little tricky even if you follow the recipe to a T. Given the ty...
Best Homemade Enchiladas Ever with Sangria Coolers
3 months ago
My Dad used to make cheese enchiladas, but only on the weekend, because they were a lot of trouble and he was very methodic about the way he did it. They took a while but they were worth every minute....