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Are Energy Drinks Healthy?
Seems as though some people are discovering ill effects from routinely consuming energy drinks.
Sam Savello9 hours ago
Black Tap Burger and Crafts
On June 12 at approximately 5:20 PM, I leave my grandmother’s Central Park West apartment and meet John at the corner of 86th and Broadway. Holding hands, we head down into the subway, which is packed...
Carolann Sherwood11 hours ago
How Much of This Equals That? And Other Little Tidbits
Never let a recipe stump you because you cannot figure out unusual calculations such as in these following food items.
Veronica Thor2 days ago
Overnight Oats: The Fastest And Most Delicious Meal For Busy Professionals
Overnight Oats has been gaining more and more popularity lately, and for good reason, too! It's arguably the perfect meal prep option for busy people and it's extremely tasty, too! I'm going to take y...
Rudd 2 days ago
Why Does McDonald's Coke Taste So Damn Good?
Surveys show McDonald’s Coke to the average person does indeed taste better than anywhere else, to someone who enjoys Coke. But the question is, why? Research shows that McDonald’s straw size, being l...
Zach Grattan2 days ago
Good Egg Puns Are Hard – Good Eggs Shouldn’t Be
Eggs are sexy. I don’t care what anyone says, and if you don’t like eggs, you’re wrong (barring you poor souls with egg allergies, my heart bleeds for you). The stories about cooking eggs being used a...
A Dish Full of Wonders!
Being young and having a ton of responsibilities is hard, but you can make it easy and fun :) (well, a little easier :P). To give you a bit of background info I left home young to start my life early....
Katie Marchbank3 days ago
11 Easy and Delicious Ice Cream Pie Recipes
Ice cream pie is truly one of the most inventive ice cream desserts. Like yeah, ice cream is good, but what if we put it in a crust and ate it with a fork? Genius! Now you don't look like you're eatin...
Moist Meatloaf
In a world where meat and potatoes are what's wanted for dinner, it's easy to toy with ingredients. I observed many people make things their way and finally I have the chance to share the way I do thi...