Wendy Wachtel

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Strawberries and Chocolate Milk Overnight Oats
6 months ago
I have not at all stopped eating overnight oats, whenever I have the chance to make a nice jar of that wonderful breakfast. A few days ago, however, I found a delicious new way of eating overnight oat...
Chocolate Banana Almond Overnight Oats
10 months ago
I have another great overnight oats recipe. Chocolate banana almond overnight oats. Need I say more? I cannot get enough of overnight oats. Just add a few different ingredients and it feels new, delic...
Chocolate Banana Overnight Oats
a year ago
This is one great jar of overnight oats that I have been making and eating lately. I love food in mason jars. It looks so beautiful. They make the perfect decorations and not just meals.
Strawberries, Cream, and Chocolate!
a year ago
I cannot get enough of these Overnight Oats. There is no reason to stop making jars and jars of overnight oats!