Miranda O'Conner

Body positive blogger, freelance sculpture, self-proclaimed connoisseur of whiskey, and forever in search of a hamburger as delicious as the ones you see in food commercials. Wendy's just doesn’t cut it.

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Is Veganism Healthy?
9 months ago
Veganism has gone from a fringe, niche community to a mainstream diet trend, but, with so many touting the benefits of cutting animals from their meal plans, one has to ask "Is veganism healthy?" Of c...
Healthy Dessert Recipes
10 months ago
People tend to approach healthy dessert recipes with an air of skepticism. Healthy desserts? Seems like a contradictory statements. Desserts are meant to be sugary and sweet. How can any dessert be he...
Health Benefits of Walnuts and Almonds
a year ago
Everyone knows that eating healthy is instrumental to fostering a healthy lifestyle--and nuts like walnuts and almonds tend to be among the healthiest foods one can consume. Of course, health wise, th...