Michaela Weiss

I am 14 and my sister and I wrote these stories. 

A&S Bagels
a year ago
Do you like bagels? Cheese? Sweets? Food? Do you live on Long Island? Well, A&S Bagels is the perfect place for bagels. First of all, they have a deli inside too. The deli has all the good meats (incl...
Healthy, but Good Tasting Recipes
a year ago
So one thing you can do is start by drinking protein shakes every day. If you need to gain weight: use milk and add some ice cream, but not Halo Top, Swell, or Enlightened. Those are healthier and wil...
Halo Top Ice Cream
a year ago
Are you trying to diet, but still want to curb your cravings or eat ice cream? Just check out Halo Top ice cream and read this article to learn more. Halo Top is a perfect brand of ice cream if you ar...