Logan Carmichael

Political Science grad.  Aspiring diplomat.

There's hidden politics behind the food you eat, and I'm here to tell you about it.

A Trip Around the World with Nutella
6 days ago
A few years ago, a map—created by the OECD—made the rounds on the Internet, showing the sites of Nutella’s headquarters, sales offices, factories, and sources of all the popular chocolate hazelnut spr...
Peeling Back the Banana Industry
13 days ago
I’ve got beef with the banana industry. Why? It’s hard to believe that peeling back the familiar yellow facade reveals such a dark and abusive industry. Bananas are the favourite fruit of a number of ...
5 Supermarket Secrets You Probably Didn't Know About
20 days ago
Supermarkets: they’re everywhere, and unless you’re some sort of robot that doesn’t need to eat, you can’t really avoid shopping there. The reality is that human beings need food and — let’s be real —...