Jeffrey Joseph

Vegan Chef, animal rights supporter and recovering alcoholic trying my hand at something new and sharing my experiences.

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Cooking: An Omnipotent Being or Utter Malarkey?
6 months ago
Why is it that some people can make the most amazing creations of culinary wonder while others can only seem to burn water? Is it the lack of knowledge? Skill? Is it just by sheer luck? Chance? Or is ...
My Time With McNish
2 years ago
Part 1: Getting Back Into the Groove Have you ever learned something that took years of practice, training, and dedication to achieve only to suddenly have to toss it out the window and start from scr...
From Graveyard to Sanctuary
2 years ago
I don't know if my story is all that much different from others that have gone vegan. Well, that's not fully true. I initially tired it to impress a girl. Yes, I tried to stop eating meat to impress a...