Alina Gallupe

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I am a graduate student studying Mental Health Counseling in Cambridge, MA. Long time reader and novice writer. I strive to combine my mental health knowledge and my love of writing to explore all topics related to the human experience. 

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Whole 30 Party Food Recipes
2 months ago
As Spring and Summer approach, invites to Pot Lucks and BBQ's are starting to pop up as readily as the dandelions. Being on a nutrition plan like Whole 30 shouldn't stop you from enjoying fun in the s...
My Journey Through Whole 30
2 months ago
Fad diets with celebrity endorsements and cult followings are as common as Instagram models, saturating our culture in weight-focused “wellness.” With so many to choose from, and so many being bogus o...
"Whole 30" Dinner Recipes
2 months ago
Picture this: You are just getting home after a long day of work or classes, you are starving and looking for something easy and fast to throw into your mouth. This is usually when the tempting images...
"Whole 30" Breakfast Recipes
3 months ago
For those of us taking the plunge into 30 long days of eating sugar-free, grain-free, legume-free, dairy-free, and fun-free (don't lie, it feels fun-free on some days), it can be really important to s...
What to Cook When You Are Craving Takeout
a year ago
It's 4:35 PM, you are sitting at your desk typing up some email or essay, and your mind starts drifting to how hungry you are. Images of gyros and pizza dance through your head as your stomach does it...