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Reasons Green Bell Peppers Are Cheaper than the Other Colors

Bell peppers come in several colors, but the green ones are much cheaper.

Green bell peppers are cheaper. (Photo by ray_explores via Flickr)B

Bell peppers come in several different colors, even though your grocery store might carry only green, yellow, orange, and red. If you are on a budget, buying green bell peppers will save you money, because they are much cheaper than the other colors. 

Most people don't know the reasons green peppers are cheaper than the other ones. Sometimes even the people who work in the produce section of the supermarket don't know the reason. So, let's set the record straight.

Different colors of bell peppers.

Colorful Bell Peppers (Photo by Jean Beaufort via publicdomainpictures).

Bell peppers come in many colors other than those that are seen in your local grocery store. They include black, white, brown, dark purple, pink, blue, rainbow, aqua, violet, maroon, and lavender depending on when, and where, they are harvested. 

Green Bell Peppers

Green bell peppers (Photo by Mike Mozart via Flickr).

There are several logical reasons green bell peppers cost much less than the other colors. The number one reason is that the green pepper is the first color that the vegetable turns out to be. 

Since it is pulled off the vine first, it does not require the additional care, as if it stayed on the vine longer. The next color to develop is yellow, and then orange, and the final color is red. Those colors get more sunshine, and attention from the farmer.

First off the vine.

The green bell pepper is first to be pulled off the vine. (Photo by JillWellington via Pixabay)F

All bell peppers come from the same plant. They change colors as they mature. The first color on the vine is green. If it is left on the vine longer, it turns yellow. Then it turns to orange, before reaching the most ripened and expensive, red bell pepper. Therefore, the color depends on when it is pulled off the vine. 

Keep in mind that the cost of the bell pepper has a lot to do with its color, and its color has a lot to do with how long it stays on the vine. Also, the longer it stays on the vine, the sweeter it becomes. 

Taste, nutritional value and cost.

Four peppers usually in grocery stores (Photo by CC0 Public Domain).

Since the green pepper is pulled off the vine first in its unripened state, what about the taste, nutritional value, and cost?

The green pepper is the cheapest of the bell peppers, because it is harvested while it is unripe. Because they are unripe when they are harvested, green peppers are not as sweet as the other colors. In fact, they are slightly bitter. As the colors develop, so do the taste, and cost. After green peppers mature, they get sweeter, and more expensive.  By the time, the green turns to yellow, and the yellow turns to orange, and the orange turns to red, the pepper is as sweet as it will become. Producers of bell peppers are well aware of this chain of maturity. Therefore, they can charges stores more to carry their peppers, and the store can charge customers more. 

All bell peppers have about the same nutritional value. They are composed mainly of 92 percent water, and contain only about 31 calories. They have one gram of protein, and six grams of carbohydrates. The sugar content is 4.2 grams. Fiber is 2.1 grams, and the fat content is only 0.3 grams. Bell peppers are healthy, because they contain many of the necessary vitamins, minerals, and potassium that the body needs. 

Uses for Bell Peppers

It is interesting that the different colors of bell peppers can all be used basically the same way. The peppers are so versatile that they can be eaten raw and cooked. They can spice up some of the same foods such as soups, salads, sauces, omelets, and other dishes.

If you are wondering which is better to buy, a good suggestion is to use the colorful, sweeter peppers when you intend to eat them raw. Use the cheaper green peppers for cooking. They will give food a favorable taste even in their unripened state.

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Reasons Green Bell Peppers Are Cheaper than the Other Colors
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