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Foods Celebrities Refuse to Eat

Some celebrities admit there are some foods they would never eat.

There are certain foods that people don't like after tasting them. There are some foods people don't like because of the way they look. There are some foods people don't like because of the way they smell. Then there are some foods people refuse to eat because they were forced to eat so much of it when they were young. They vowed to never eat that food again when they grew up and left their childhood home. They said when they make their own money, they would eat what they wanted and not be forced to eat what they didn't like. Many of those people have kept the promise they made to themselves long ago and still refuse to eat certain foods today.

The foods addressed in this article are not those that celebrities and others have refused to eat in a certain group because they are vegans, vegetarians, pescatarians or have other eating styles. None of the items are exotic or ethnic foods. The items included are common foods in the United States such as chicken, chicken wings, strawberries, Nutella, beets, bananas, eggs, okra, and mayonnaise. Also, the foods included are not those a person is allergic to.

Strawberries (Photo by Alexas_Fotos via Pixabay)

Who doesn't love juicy and sweet strawberries that can be eaten in so many ways?  They can be eaten in a fruit salad, in a strawberry shortcake, or strawberry ice cream. There is a man who would rather give up one of his six Super Bowl rings to avoid eating just one strawberry.  

Tom Brady is a 41-year-old football quarterback for the New England Patriots of the National Football League (NFL). He knows how to handle a football and tackle men on the football field, but he refuses to tackle a small strawberry.  Brady has broken many records, but eating strawberries is not one of them. He doesn't drink coffee either.

Tom Brady finally did eat a strawberry for the first time in March 2018, after vowing he would never eat the fruit. He explained that he hates everything about strawberries, including the texture, the taste, the smell, and everything about it. He concluded that to him strawberries are gross. His dislike of them started in his childhood when he saw boxes and boxes of them in the family's refrigerator.

Nutella (Photo by Bru-nO via Pixabay)

Chrissy Teigen is outspoken about many things, including Nutella. The 33-year wife of John Legend is also a mother of two. She is a cookbook author, and she hates Nutella with a passion. 

Teigen posted on social media that the creamy hazelnut spread is "stupid." She said leaving a chocolate bar in a hot car was much better than Nutella.  She argued back and forth with other Twitter followers who didn't agree with her about Nutella.

Beets (Photo by ivabalk via Pixabay)

Former First Lady Michelle Obama, 55, is a huge advocate of healthy eating. However, there is one vegetable she is not fond of. She was in the White House for eight years and planted a garden. However, one vegetable was never included. She omitted planting beets because she doesn't like them. 

Brussel sprouts (Photo via Max Pixel)

Kelly Clarkson won't eat Brussel sprouts raw, cooked, grilled, in soups, in salads or no matter how they are served. The 37-year-old wife and mother of two, can't be convinced to eat the "little cabbages."  The first winner of American Idol said, “I hate Brussels sprouts and can’t stand that every time I say that, somebody always says, ‘Oh, but you’ve never tried mine!’” The singer, songwriter and television personality says, "Sometimes, when you know, you know."

chicken wings (Photo by  CC0 Public Domain via Pxhere)

After host Kelly Ripa admitted on her daytime talk show that she had never eaten a chicken wing, she was challenged to eat one. She never did eat it all, but she was brave enough to take a bite.

I have a friend who doesn't eat any part of a chicken. She grew up in the south where she saw her mother chop the head off chickens with an ax.  Even so, the chickens still fluttered around the yard without a head. Her mother poured boiling water over the chicken to loosen the feathers. After she pucked off the feathers, she cut up the chicken and cooked it for Sunday dinner. As an adult far from where she grew up, she refuses to eat another piece of chicken because she can't get that image out of her head. 

Other celebrities and the foods they hate.

According to an article, several well-known celebrities aren't fond of some everyday foods. For example, Jimmy Fallon doesn't eat mayonnaise. The 44-year-old comedian, actor, and host of The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon says he doesn't eat mayonnaise because it reminds him of pus.

Rachel Ray doesn't eat mayonnaise from a jar. She contends that mayonnaise in jars contains eggs. Yet, the jars are stored on shelves in the store before they are sold to consumers. The 50-year-old television personality, businesswoman, and celebrity chef makes her own dressing instead of using store-bought mayonnaise in any of her dishes.

Giada De Laurentiis is a famous chef with her own television show and cookbooks. Because she doesn't like coconut and green peppers, you won't find any recipes with those items in them. The 48-year-old chef says she doesn't like the look and flavor of green peppers.

Can you believe a chef doesn't like eggs? Guy Fieri admits he has a serious aversion toward eggs. The 51-year-old restaurateur co-owns three restaurants in California. He is known for his television series on the Food Network. Fieri used to love eggs and ate them regularly. When he was 10 years old, he found a chick in an egg when he cracked it. Now the idea of eating eggs makes him queasy.

Tom Colicchio eats just about everything as a judge on Top Chef. However, he said he can't stomach okra because he hates the slime.

Zendaya is a vegetarian, but meat isn't what she has an aversion toward. The 22-year-old actress explained that coffee doesn't do anything for her and she actually hates water. We all know she can get away with not drinking coffee, but she has to drink water to survive. 

Andrew Zimmern is the man who eats everything on Bizarre Foods, However,  there are some foods that are not bizarre that Zimmern will not eat under any circumstances. He says, “I can’t eat walnuts." He added, “I won’t eat ‘em, can’t stand ‘em. Raw cookie dough. Won’t eat it. Can’t stand it. Oatmeal. Won’t eat, can’t stand it. I love fermented walrus anus, so I get to not like some things.”

It is unbelievable how many chefs don't like certain foods. Ree Drummond of the Food Network's The Pioneer Woman is another chef who doesn't like a common food. She says she hates, abhors, loathes, and recoils at the sight of bananas.

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Foods Celebrities Refuse to Eat
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