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Curra's Grill Keeps Austin Saucy and Sauced in Style

Decades of stellar Tex Mex cuisine tucked away in South Austin.

The tacos al pastor at Curra's Tex Mex Grill are to die for! Photo ©The G Spot Reviews & Recipes

Returning to our Tex Mex staples is another iconic Austin restaurant tucked away on busy Oltorf Avenue in South Austin, Curra's Grill. It had been about fifteen years since I had last patronaged Curra's largely in part because of its overwhelming popularity and damnably small parking lot. Of my pet peeves in life, waiting in long lines when I'm super starved is near the top. And in Austin, with so many great options, you have to be in the clutches of a mighty craving or insanely dedicated to a restaurant to do so. That said, being a bit burned out on my go-to Mexican restaurant Azul Tequila, I opted for an early dinner at Curra's and was delighted to arrive just in the nick of time before the dinner rush began. Sometimes it pays to eat at "old people time." Honestly, after the exquisite food I experienced I just may have to reconsider my stance on waiting in line because the dishes I and my companion ordered were craving clutches material, for sure!

First item to reach the table was the Pastor Enchiladas with pork cooked on a rotisserie and pineapples. Topped with avocado sauce, cilantro onions and Monterey Jack cheese. Served with rice and choice of beans. In addition our table received the Enchiladas Con Chili Colorado Plate filled with Monterey Jack cheese smothered with pork tips that have been simmered in guajillo and chipotle sauce. Lastly there was the Flautas Plate with three deep fried rolled corn tortillas stuffed with your choice of chicken, shrimp or chilorio. Topped with lettuce, tomatoes, onions, goat cheese and avocado sauce. Where to even begin with the description of these dishes?

The chicken in the flautas was seasoned to perfection, deepy and smokey and stuffed into deep fried crispy golden shells smothered with a vibrant green mild chili sauce. The Pastor Enchiladas were like being wrapped in a soft, warm Mexican blanket of slow roasted pork and sweet pineapple beneath layers of verde sauce and enough cheese to satiate the most voracious dairy enthusiast. And the Enchiladas Con Chili Colorado Plate brought a little extra heat to the dining experience with a dark, mysterious, tangy pork tip sauce that tasted as if it had been cooking for days. Combined with fluffy Mexican rice and charro beans brimming with thick cuts of bacon and jalapenos, as well as some extremely strong, but expertly mixed margaritas, Curra's brought their A-game to our table.

I will not stay away so long in the future as Curra's is now definitely back on my radar to stay! I may even venture to wait in line. Oh, who am I kidding? I'll just head in to get my dinner at "old people time." I mean, why break tradition? ;) Check out Curra's Grill's full menu at https://www.currasgrill.com/ 

Curra's Grill
Curra's Grill: 20 Years in the Making. Once upon a time, prior to the avocado margarita or the famous Julieta's Award Winning borracho or mole sauce...
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Curra's Grill Keeps Austin Saucy and Sauced in Style
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