Gabrielle Faust

Author, illustrator, & entertainment journalist Gabrielle Faust is the author of 12 novels and collections. Her work has appeared in global publications including SyFy, Blastr, Fear Zone, Gothic Beauty Magazine and The G Spot Reviews.

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A Few Quick ATX Bites Recommendations
13 days ago
Hello everyone! It's been a hot minute since I last posted here. I have been moving to a new apartment, traveling to writers' conventions, and other life cray cray. In the past few weeks I have had so...
Curra's Grill Keeps Austin Saucy and Sauced in Style
13 days ago
Returning to our Tex Mex staples is another iconic Austin restaurant tucked away on busy Oltorf Avenue in South Austin, Curra's Grill. It had been about fifteen years since I had last patronaged Curra...