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The Most Sensational Tacos Around

Torchy's Tacos brings in large crowds and appetites with their "Damn Good" food.

Torchy's Trailer Park and Baja Shrimp Tacos 

When you walk through Torchy's Tacos double doors with pitchfork handles, you're greeted with a variety of things that make this restaurant different. The sound of hard rocks runs through your ears as you either enter the line trailing to the register or the bar side service. The walls are decorated with rustic signs and quotes that match their slogan, "Damn Good." Not only does the energy in this restaurant make it unique, but their menu raises it to a much higher level.

Their menu consists of breakfast tacos, sides, eats, treats, drinks, and tacos. Along with all of Torchy's menu items, the breakfast tacos remain at a decent price—these ranging from $2.50-$3.50. Each of the 4 options are equally delicious and stand next to a customizable taco. The sides are guacamole, salsa, Pico de gallo, rice, and refried beans, which come in great portions to go on the side of your meal. Along with these are options to get chili, guacamole, or salsa with a large plate of chips. The eats provided different options besides tacos like a burrito or sweet corn. The treats at Torchy's are cheap and tasty. The most popular being the Lil' NOOKIES which is a deep-fried chocolate chip cookie topped with powdered sugar and cherries. But after all, Torchy's Tacos is simply known for their amazing tacos.

The Baja Shrimp

The Baja Shrimp remains one of my favorite tacos. It, like all of the tacos, can either be served with corn or flour tortillas. It has hand-battered fried shrimp that creates an amazing, crunchy texture. It is then topped with cabbage, jalapenos, onions, queso fresco, cilantro, and a lime wedge. Half of this tacos "greatness" comes from the Chipotle Sauce that comes on the side. It is a creamy mixture of ranch, smoked peppers, adobo, and roasted tomatoes.

The Trailer Park

This taco is not only at the top of my list but remains a common favorite among the restaurant's crowd. The key aspect of this taco is its fried chicken, which isn't found in any other taco at Torchy's. The Trailer Park also has green chilies, lettuce, pico de gallo, and cheese. This comes with a Pablono sauce, which creates a medium-spiced flavor, that makes it quite tasty!

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The Most Sensational Tacos Around
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