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The Joys of Air Fryer Cooking

Review of the Bella Air Fryer

The Bella Air Fryer

The Bella Air Fryer has been one of the best kitchen appliances that I have ever purchased. Over the years I have purchased many kitchen appliances that were the fad of the time. Many of them have since been doomed to lie unused on my basement shelves. This does not look like it will be the case for my air fryer. I use it on a daily basis. The amount of food items that this gadget can cook is amazing. Another upside of the air fryer is it cuts down on mess, oil, and calories.

Where to Buy the Bella Air Fryer

There are several department stores that sell Bella Air Fryers in a range of sizes. To be sure you are getting the best deal, go online to see which store may have them on sale. I love to have items I have brought delivered to my house. This does not happen all the time though because I will sacrifice home delivery if I can save money. A Facebook swap shop group is another place where you can sometimes find a great deal on a new item. This is how I acquired my Bella Air Fryer. The lady who posted it for sale had won it at an office Christmas party. She was in the process of moving homes and did not want to take any extra items with her. She sold it to me at a great discount. This made my Christmas just that little bit happier.

Amazing Air Fryer French Fries

The first thing I cooked in my air fryer was French fries. The fries turned out to be amazing. The only problem was the amount of fries it cooked. It only made enough fries for one person. The fries would get cold while another batch was cooking. They did not retain their crispness if they were placed in an oven or a microwave to keep warm. To avoid this problem, the solution would be to purchase a bigger size than my 2.5 quart Bella Air Fryer.

Finger Licking Good Fried Chicken

The air fryer method of cooking can make delicious fried chicken. I tried a few recipes before I found one that my husband thought was the best. None of the recipes were bad. You just have to find a recipe that's a flavor match for you. Google is a wonderful resource for finding recipes. I was amazed at how many air fryer recipes there are online. Fried chicken  seemed to be on the list of everyone's favorite recipes.

Hamburgers and Toasted Sandwiches

I have used my Bella Air Fryer to make juicy hamburgers. It's useful to know you can pop a frozen hamburger patty into the air fryer and have it come out cooked and grease-free. Toasted ham and cheese sandwiches also turn out well. The bread on them is crisp and fluffy, but not dry. You can also make quick and easy breakfast sandwiches. If you have been out to eat and have leftovers to reheat the air fryer is a good tool to use. I have done this with my favorite McCallister's beef and horseradish sandwich. The result was it tasted as good as it was when I first ordered it.

Saving Money with the Bella Air Fryer

I know my Bella Air Fryer has saved me a lot of money thus far. My husband and I were eating out far too often. That was costing more money than I care to think about. This trend has changed though, since I have been learning how to cook different foods in my air fryer. We are eating more often at home now. This not only helps our finances, but it also helps us to not eat unneeded calories. If you have space in your workplace's break room, you want to might consider the benefits of putting an air fryer in there. Doing this may help you fight the desire to run out and grab some high-calorie fast food for lunch.

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The Joys of Air Fryer Cooking
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