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The Ginger Tea Reviews: Teacopia Tea

A New Up-and-Comer in the Tea Game

Pretty neat motto, huh?

Hello, and welcome back to another great edition of the Ginger Tea Reviews! Tea is my passion, and I'm making it my goal to share my passion with the world!

There are a lot of problems when it comes to working full time, running a side business, and writing a tea blog. Burning the candle at both ends can be hard on anyone, and let me tell you, it has been very hard on me lately. So hard, in fact, that I'm currently battling a cold. (Boo...)

So, while I'm sitting here, all snotty and gross, I figure this is the perfect time to talk to y'all about a new player in the tea game: Teacopia!

A little about Teacopia: it is a Father and Son family business run by Alex and Stephen Fauth. They started this little company with the goal of creating high quality teas, with great flavors, that help with specific ailments. What started off as a small company, launching on December 5, 2017, quickly became a new sensation. 

With their consultant program, which enables average people to start up a small business of their own selling their teas, by January 1, they had hit 500 consultants! Pretty impressive in such a short amount of time!

Alex reached out to me a little while ago and invited me to try some of these teas, and I have to say, I am not disappointed, but I do have a recommendation, which I will bring up a bit later. So, without further ado, let's talk about the teas!

The Teas...

Tasty rooibos to ease your soul.

So, they sent me three different teas to try. 

The first one I tried (and the one I'm currently drinking; it's been a rough day) was the Stress Relief Tea. This is a rooibos herbal tea infusion, that has apple pieces, orange peels, cinnamon, cardamom, tulsi herb, and all kinds of other good stuff.

Because this is a rooibos tea, this it not considered part of the "true" teas that we've been talking about. This is part of the herbal family, which means that the tea leaves aren't sensitive and the longer you steep, the better the flavor you get.

In this cup, I got a lot of the apple flavor, with a nice citrus undertone balanced very well by the cinnamon and cardamom. All of these ingredients make for a very soothing cup of tea. 

The second tea I tried was the Detox Tea. This one is a green tea, with fresh spearmint, rose hips, ginger root (:D), lemon myrtle, and other great ingredients. This one is recommended for cleansing out your body, helping you through any sickness you might have. Did I mention it is also USDA Organic?

In this cup, the spearmint is refreshing, and the ginger root isn't overpowering. It is well balanced, and tastes just wonderful. Ginger root is good for sick stomachs, just as green tea is good for supplying a powerhouse of antioxidants. The rest of the ingredients are all specifically designed to help fix you right up when you're feeling just awful.

Now, not to nitpick too hard, the instructions for brewing the Detox tea states to brew in boiling water. I followed the instructions, and yes, the tea still tastes incredible. However, remember that green tea is sensitive. You may notice a slight bitter aftertaste, especially if you brew for longer than five minutes. 

If you want a stronger flavor, but want to avoid the bitter flavor, lower your water temperature just a bit to prevent burning, while also getting a good, strong flavor. Overall, though, the bitterness is masked by the other incredible flavors. 

The third tea was the Sleep Tea. Now, as you can imagine, being sick means that sleeping is not always very restful. The Sleep Tea really helped with that. This is a purely herbal infusion of ginger root (:D), saffron, spearmint, licorice, rose hips, lemongrass, chamomile, and much, much more. 

The flavor is a subtle sweetness from the licorice, with floral undertones from the rose hips and chamomile. It is soothing and mild and perfect with just a dollop of honey. Chamomile is the key component, here, as it is known for its soothing qualities and used most commonly in sleepy teas. But everything about this tea is relaxing and comforting, which is just what you need to have a restful night's sleep.

More on Teacopia Products...

Delicate little tea square.

Teacopia, being that it is still a new company, is somewhat limited (FOR NOW) on what they have to offer. However, what they DO have to to offer will knock your socks off.

The teas are reasonably priced, which is a big factor for most of us. Each tea is packaged in small tea bags, designed so that you can still have an abundance of flavor, while still having the convenience of a tea on the go.

They have three different types of matchas (because of course I looked for matcha on their website). They have a traditional matcha, a raspberry matcha, and a vanilla matcha. These matchas are culinary grade, so that means they will have a slightly different flavor from the ceremonial grade matcha, BUT they are not lacking in health benefits. 

They are just cheaper, and they come in little individual sleeves designed to provide the perfect amount of matcha for your cup (or meal). Just remember that you really don't need more than half a teaspoon to get great matcha.

They have teas for arthritis, for migraines, and for if you simply just want to feel good. Each tea is packed with health benefits and wonderful flavors.

Some Side Notes:

Remember, all of the flavors in these teas are wonderful. My biggest note, however, would have to be on the tea bags.

I appreciate the convenience of the tea bags, don't get me wrong. It's nice to be able to pop a tea bag in my to-go container and just go about my day. However, I do have some issues with tea bags as well.

While these teas don't skimp at all on the flavors, I can only imagine how beautiful they must taste when they are loose leaf. The biggest issue with tea bags is that they can mask flavors, and they don't allow the tea leaves any room to expand. 

In my experience, to get the best cup, you must allow your tea leaves to expand to their fullest capacity in an infuser. When you go loose leaf, it's hard to backtrack from that. 

The reason I bring this up is NOT because I find these Teacopia teas lacking; not by any means. The flavors are still there, and they taste just wonderful. It is also a nice marketing tactic to think of convenience for the customer. However, if my time with Teavana has taught me anything, it's that people tend to shop with their senses.

The beauty of loose leaf tea is that you can see all of the ingredients, and smell all of the amazing aromas. There's nothing masking it. When they brew and expand in an infuser, it is not only cool to watch, it also makes for an amazing beverage. 

So, as a recommendation to Teacopia, keep your tea bags because convenience is awesome and people will buy for the convenience. However, consider adding loose leaf options as well, and maybe even look into selling different types of infusers too. This will open up your options and bring newer customers around, particularly those still hurting from the Teavana closures. 

Final Thoughts...

Can you tell I'm sick?

Teacopia is a wonderful new company that I see a bright future for. I love their motto, and the heart behind these teas. 

Health benefits and great flavors make for a great cup of tea. Plus, if you are trying to break into a new type of business, they have the consultant program in which you can sell tea, while helping others, which is a beautiful and wonderful thought. All of the teas are also All-Natural, Gluten & GMO free.

It is a fun little company, with a lot of heart. Be sure to check out what they have!

Now, this was a little bit of a detour, but stick around. We still have a lot to discuss about Oolong teas, next in our Tea Journey! Until next time! And remember: there is a great big world of tea out there, and together we can explore every last inch of it!


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I appreciate your unending support! Thanks, guys!

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The Ginger Tea Reviews: Teacopia Tea
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