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The Bronx Vegan Eats: Hungry Bird

Delicious Vegan Indian Food in the Bronx

Indian food can never do wrong in my eyes. It’s the melodious blend of spices and textures that makes me crave this cuisine on special days. The last time I had Indian food was before my vegan transition where I was quite obsessed with chicken tikka masala and other meals that included meat. I thought my days of enjoying this food was over, until I stumbled upon Healthy Bird.

I was perusing GrubHub for any Indian restaurant that delivered. Unfortunately, the few that did offered little to no vegan options. I then decided to see what was available in the “Pick Up” section where Healthy Bird was listed. The restaurant wasn’t too far of a drive from me, but what really got me was the, “Would you like to make this meal vegan?” option in the app. Heck yes, Healthy Bird, I do.

I have never seen that option before with any ordering service! Granted, I haven’t used Grubhub in more than two locations where vegan food is limited, but regardless, it was a refreshing option to have and one I hope more restaurants pick up on soon. 

I ordered Aloo Saagwala, made with potatoes, fresh spinach, and spices served with a order of basmati rice for 9.99, vegan samosas for 4.99, and roti for 2.50. At first, I thought the portions of both the Aloo Saagwala and samosas were too small for the price, but after struggling to finish my meal at the end, I realized it was the perfect size. Everything was packed with flavor and a ton of love. 

While Healthy Bird isn't a totally vegan spot, I appreciate the fact that I can come here with family and friends who aren't vegan and share a meal with them. Any restaurant that can offer that kind of experience is a great one because it not only saves me the stress of scouring a menu trying to find anything to eat, but also gives me an opportunity to show just how amazing vegan food could be. I enjoyed coming here with my family knowing that I could have a full meal that works for me and them.

Healthy bird is located on 980 Morris Ave, a busy street surrounded by many food shops and a school. When you enter, you are met with numerous tables elegantly decorated. Spread out before me was a beautiful array of food that far surpassed my expectations and left me wanting more. I encourage anyone who's looking for authentic and delicious Indian food to check out Healthy Bird! I am already looking forward to another visit.

When I first started my blog, The Bronx Vegan, I wasn’t sure what to expect. Food culture in the Bronx is fast food from big chains or local family restaurants. Our people need fast food because of the lifestyle of our overworked citizens trying to support themselves, their families, and their community. When you think of mainstream vegan lifestyles, the Bronx isn’t typically the first place that comes to mind. My mission is to change that by sharing different ways to thrive as a vegan in the Bronx.

One way I’m working towards my goals is through a segment called "Everybody Eats!", which I've been contributing to on Veggie Mijas's platform for a while now. My goal is to find vegan meals in non-vegan restaurants in the Bronx that are affordable and delicious! If you look through Veggie Mija’s Instagram (@veggiemijas) you can find all of my submission, as well as tons of other recipes and inspiring content from women of color all around the world.

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The Bronx Vegan Eats: Hungry Bird
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