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The Bronx Vegan7 months ago
The Bronx Vegan Eats: Vegan Chopped Cheese
Every city has its dish. Philly has its cheesesteaks. Chicago has its deep dish pizza. The Bronx, Harlem, and Queens have the beautiful, greasy sandwich that is chopped cheese. It’s the pièce de résis...
The Bronx Vegan7 months ago
Goya Goes Vegan
While perusing my local supermarket, I always keep a lookout for new vegan-friendly products. A surprising realization was seeing a can of refried beans from Goya with a "vegan" label on the front. To...
Jessica Bailey7 months ago
Vurger Central: The Ultimate Aubergine Burger
There is a documentary out there titled Carnage, and believe me, it has teeth, dripping with beet juice. Long story short —it did it for milk, butter and eggs. That's it. I was done. I don't advise yo...
Anna D'Avella8 months ago
Taking Health to Heart
Why don't people take their health more seriously? It seems to me that most people only seem to take action when they're ill. When the doctor tells them: "Something has to change, or you'll develop di...
Indie Films Dee8 months ago
You Can Buy These Vegan Cheeses For Less Than £2.50 In Top UK Supermarkets
One of the inconveniences experienced when living a vegan lifestyle is the higher price of some non-dairy products - however, as veganism is growing in the UK, non-dairy alternatives are becoming a lot more accessible and affordable. Here's some vegan cheeses that are delicious, easy to find and won't burn a giant hole in your wallet!
Rishi Bhaskara9 months ago
"It CAN'T be healthy!" "Plants have feelings too!" "It's my personal choice to eat meat/dairy." "What would you do if you and a cow were on a desert island?" These are some of many questions I am aske...
Mandy Ratzloff9 months ago
Veganism for Beginners
So, you've decided to go vegan... Congratulations! You've made a great decision for your overall health, the welfare of animals, the environment, and believe it or not, your own billfold! Or, you're s...
Becky Oberg9 months ago
How to Make Pinto Bean Tofu
We’ve all been there—you’re vegetarian, you have two cents in your bank account, and only dry ingredients in your kitchen. What can you make to ease that tofu scramble craving? Or say you can’t or won...
Maura Dudas9 months ago
The Problem with Vegans - from an Ex-Vegan
I'm just going to come out and say it: vegans are a cult. At least most of the radical ones this video features are violently trying to come up with some absolute ideology and affect people that way. I was a vegan for two years; I loved it and I would go back to it if I could. Unfortunately, like my mum, I developed iron deficiency and in order to not feel dizzy all the time and keep my blood oxygenated, I had to start eating red meats again. I'm going to state now that even though I feel very s...
Veganism on a Student Budget
For many people, veganism often seems like an expensive luxury diet that only the wealthy among us can afford to immerse themselves in. Many people question how such a diet can be followed by those of...
Monae Bell10 months ago
Why Is Vegan Is a Trigger Word?
'When the word vegan is mentioned, people are triggered...'
Rachel Blanchard10 months ago
10 Best Vegetarian and Vegan Cookbooks That You Must Have in Your Kitchen
Whether you're a vegetarian, vegan, or simply want to whip up healthy meals for your diet, you know that there are so many recipes out there that include all-organic ingredients without the use of ani...
The Bronx Vegan10 months ago
The Bronx Vegan Eats: Hungry Bird
Indian food can never do wrong in my eyes. It’s the melodious blend of spices and textures that makes me crave this cuisine on special days. The last time I had Indian food was before my vegan transit...
The Bronx Vegan10 months ago
Vegan Peruvian Arroz Chaufa Inspired Recipe
Often times, the meals that I make in a time crunch end up being amazing. I’m talking 30 minutes until I need to leave for work kind of time crunch. It’s not very often that I am able to cook lunch fo...
Amber Van Worta year ago
The Do's & Don'ts of Vegan Cooking
Turning coconut flakes into bacon bits and cauliflower into chicken wings seems intimidating, impossible even. I mean, cashew cheese? Really? But don't fret, vegan cooking can be easy-peezy lemon-sque...
Valentina Ca year ago
The Ultimate Guide to Becoming Vegan
Should you go vegan? The answer is yes. There are many reasons people should go vegan ranging from their health to helping animals. Any reason you have to go vegan should be enough to make that change...
Julita Pa year ago
How to Make Almond Vegan Cheese (Very Easy)
When I say cheese, you probably think, 'Wait a minute, isn't a cheese made of milk? How can it be vegan?' Well, I get your thinking, but you'd be surprised how many tasty and vegan cheeses you can fin...
Julia Fishera year ago
Vegan Taco Bell
There have been too many Saturday nights after the bars where I have seen that purple bell glowing in the distance, and have sprinted my ass as fast as possible to get to the shining doors known as Ta...