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7 Vegan Dishes to Bring to Your Neighborhood Barbecue
Summer is soon approaching, which means it's about that time of year to enjoy backyard barbecues with friends and family. Even if you're the only vegan on the deck, you can still have fun and eat some...
Lindsay Wa month ago
My Journey with a Plant-Based Diet
“I personally chose to go vegan because I educated myself on factory farming and cruelty to animals, and I suddenly realized that what was on my plate were living things, with feelings. And I just cou...
Will Mowatta month ago
The Side-Benefits of Being Vegan
Choosing to live a vegan lifestyle is not only great for the planet, and those we share it with, it's also a great way to take care of yourself.
The Bronx Vegan2 months ago
Everything You Need to Know About Next Stop Vegan’s Opening
On May 1, 2019, Next Stop Vegan, The Bronx’s first vegan meal-prep company, announced their plans to open their doors to the public with a soft opening happening on Saturday, May 11, 2019. From three ...
The Bronx Vegan2 months ago
The Bronx Vegan Eats: La Morada
The joy of eating a plant-based diet in the Bronx is finding vegan dishes in the family restaurants scattered throughout the borough. In my veganism, I aim to intertwine consciousness and mindfulness ...
Kayla W.4 months ago
Why I'm No Longer Vegan
I need to start off by saying that this is an extremely difficult post for me to make. Yes. I admitted to no longer being vegan in my previous blogpost (single-serving plantain pancakes recipe). Even ...
Sami Wais4 months ago
The Vegan Transition
The idea of veganism meant nothing to me until about four years ago. Honestly, I had no idea what it even meant to be vegan. It wasn’t until my younger sister made the dramatic transition that I began...
Paisley Hansen4 months ago
3 Myths About Vegan Eating
If you’ve ever experimented with a plant-based or vegan diet, you’ve probably heard all the typical vegan remarks already. Friends and family have probably asked you if you’re getting enough protein, ...
Indy Summers5 months ago
Quick and Easy Vegan Snacks
Whether you’ve been living a vegan lifestyle for years, or you’re new to the program, you’ve probably noticed one thing--snacks are hard. If we’re honest, we’re not always in the mood for fruits and v...
Lynsey Bec5 months ago
#Veganuary: From Carnivore to Meat No More
At the end of last year, I decided that I would try out Veganuary—one month free from meat, dairy or eggs. I had been eating so badly for ages which had been fulled by my move to London in May so I th...
Paisley Hansen5 months ago
Vital Nutrients Vegans Frequently Miss
Vegan diets have a lot of health benefits, such as losing weight, lowering blood sugar levels, protecting against certain cancers, and lowering the risk of heart disease. These benefits often outweigh...
The Bronx Vegan7 months ago
Vegan at Anime NYC
Inside, the beloved Jacob Javits center, hosted some of anime’s biggest fans around. People from all over the world traveled to Anime NYC to cosplay as their favorite characters, peruse the latest in ...
Emily McGrath7 months ago
The Vegan Diet: A Look at Sustainability
Vegan. What is the first thing that comes to your mind? Do you think, strange, minority, or health freak? Do you think, “Oh, Lisa at work is a vegan, a little nutty, that one…”? When you hear the term...
Vegans, Watch Your Vitamin B12 Intake
Vegans usually don't have to worry too much about where their nutrition is coming from. Those who follow a whole food, plant-based diet tend to naturally reach recommended values for protein, iron, vi...
The Bronx Vegan7 months ago
The Best Vegan Pizza in the Bronx Is Hidden in Throggs Neck
Following the closing of Pizzaniste, the only Bronx pizzeria (to my knowledge) that sold vegan cheese and crust, my dream for vegan pizza in the Bronx was struggling. As with most of my vegan discover...
Telia Boice7 months ago
Going Vegan
A Quick Guide to Beginning a Healthier, Happier Diet
6 Great Natural Sources for Vegan Protein
"Where do you get your protein?" is a question that should be banned from any conversation with a vegan. Only the most malnourished individuals ever suffer from a protein deficiency—if you're eating a...
Ceilana Second8 months ago
A Harsher Truth
I read an article recently that asked why killing animals is moral when killing people is evil. It asked why the Holocaust was a blight on our history of human beings when we will march animals into a...