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Pro Tip for Supercharging Meal Preps

A Revolutionary Change Towards My Daily Meals (and Wallet!)

Hello, reader!

Are you someone that would appreciate a homey dish that was prepped using fresh ingredients rather than those instant meals that will eventually upset your stomach? Wouldn't it be nice to feast on dishes that are of the same quality, if not better, than your usual lunch/dinner joints? Truth to be told, there's an absolute pleasure in being able to prepare your meals (Hey, you crafted that mean looking pasta! Kudos to you!) rather than having a waiting process which goes something like this:

You order your food items from a delivery service/at a restaurant. Then you would have nothing to do as you wait for the arrival of your food, but most likely throw yourself back into the world of social media or that business proposal you've been staring at for half the day.

Unfortunately, it's a dull routine that many of us take for granted in the limited hours of our daily lives, but one that HelloFresh has succeeded in overhauling thanks to their comprehensive meal kits!

I started using HelloFresh ever since my assignments piled up and the weather became much more unfavourable for me to have to go over to the nearby Tesco. From the sign-up procedure up to having the meal kits' ingredients at my doorstep, it's been nothing but a delightful process! Here are THREE KEY REASONS why:

  1. These killer recipes (Turkish style beef keema? Creamy chicken pasta? A nice, classic sausage burger? Yes please!) gives me back my time from having to think of what I should be grabbing from the aisles of Tesco—it's all there with detailed pictures and step by step instructions.
  2. The weekly menus are switched up to ensure you're getting great variety and looking forward to cooking those delicious dishes every week—now that's what I call a ton of options (especially for the months where I go vegan!)
  3. These meal kits are foolproof—I'm no MasterChef, but by the third delivery box in, I've started to have to cook for the whole house/order additional meals since the quality of their dishes is THAT good

Essentially, this is the story of how HelloFresh has been one of the best investments in adding immense value to save my time, improving my homestyle cooking skills, as well as promoting this culture of eating in with my housemates/loved ones! My only hope was to share this delightful experience with you so you could start getting back more of your time as well as enjoying the quality food that you (and your loved ones) deserve!

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Pro Tip for Supercharging Meal Preps
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