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I Won't Go to Work Without the Cauldryn Heated Coffee Mug. Here's Why...

The Cauldryn Heated Coffee Mug is the holy grail of all portable mugs, for both hot and cold beverages.

Buying a fancy coffee mug may have never occurred to you before, but that was before you knew about the Cauldryn Heated Coffee Mug. Whether you drink coffee or tea, blended protein shakes, or some other beverage, you won’t be able to live without this travel mug once you get your hands on one. The many features and different styles of this mug will give you everything you needed and then some, becoming a treasured item for your everyday use.

You can set the ideal temperature for your beverage.

One of the best qualities about the Cauldryn Heated Coffee Mug is being able to set your ideal temperature for your drink. The most annoying thing when you brew coffee and tea is that it becomes cold so quickly, and then, if you're not chugging it, you’ve wasted a whole pot for no reason. With this mug, you can keep a temperature of 212 degrees all day long. With this coffee mug, you'll never have to worry about having cold coffee again!

A blender attachment allows for multiple uses for your mug.

If you prefer to drink blended beverages, such as protein shakes or smoothies, then you’ll love that Cauldryn has made a blender attachment you can buy and attach to the bottom of your mug. This means you can be on the go and blending your beverage at the same time. How convenient!

The battery is rechargeable and long lasting.

The way this coffee mug works is through battery power. Each mug comes with a rechargeable battery, which is used to heat your mug and provide all of its awesome features on the go. The Cauldryn Fyre 2.0 has double the battery power of other models on the market; however, the classic editions like the Cauldryn Fyre have about 10 hours of battery life when fully charged. That's easily enough for a full day’s worth of work.

There are many features to the Cauldryn Coffee Travel Mug.

Featuring different editions, such as the Cauldryn Fyre and Fyre Mobile models, Cauldryn has 5 presets for temperature control and a large container for holding liquids on the go. Newer editions have LCD screens, complete digital temperature control, and app control, showing you the company's commitment to providing a splendid user experience to their customers.

There are various editions to choose from.

As mentioned above, the updates to the Cauldryn Heated Coffee Mug include the Fyre 2.0 and the Cauldryn Coffee models. These models are more advanced in many ways than the previous versions, however, everyone has different preferences. With LCD screens on the front of the mug, keeping your beverage extra hot has never been easier. The Fyre heating element battery life didn’t last as long as the newer versions, and so these new editions have significantly more battery storage. The Fyre 2.0 is the most advanced model with the longest lasting battery life bar none.

It is app enabled.

The two advanced models mentioned above, the Cauldryn Coffee and the Fyre 2.0, are both smartphone app enabled. This is a convenient feature, which allows you to control the temperature of your coffee and boil water in your mug even if you’re away from your desk or kitchen. If you forget to set your temperature before leaving for lunch, you won’t be disappointed that you’re going to come back to cold coffee. The app can handle it all for you!

It comes with accessories.

Some accessories you can buy along with your coffee mug include the blender attachment, which we mentioned above. Sometimes, you may want a cold beverage instead of a hot one, and your coffee mug can blend the beverage and keep it insulated. You don't want to have something you only use half the year, do you? Other accessories include a coffee lid, a spare battery, an ac base or a dc base for a dc power source, and a percolator.

You can view a comparison chart to make the best choice for you.

If you’re overwhelmed reading about all of the options and models available, you’ll want to sit down and consider which Cauldryn Heated Coffee Mug is best for you. Thankfully, Cauldryn has provided a great comparison chart on their website, which lays out all of the differences in each model. That way, you can see which model gives you which features, and prioritize what is most important to you.

It has stellar reviews.

Looking through reviews by other paying customers is a great way to choose which Cauldryn model suits you, and to realize how satisfied other customers have been with this amazing product.

One happy customer says:

  • “LOVE, LOVE, LOVE my Cauldryn mug. I cannot say enough about this thing. This is my 5th attempt at this technology and after hundreds of dollars over the last few years and ALL FAILED experiences with "OTHER" brands, the Cauldryn, SO FAR, is the only one that has worked and worked well for the past year or so.”

Another satisfied customer says:

  • “As a developer there is almost nothing more important than having a hot supply of coffee. The Cauldryn has changed my life.”

The Cauldryn Coffee Travel Mug is easily available online.

Don't let the high prices intimidate you, while they may seem steep for a coffee mug, you have to remember that you’re receiving an electronic device within this mug, a one year limited warranty, and all the good it is going to do future you. Whether you work in an office or want to take your mug with you to travel the world, it will become a valuable piece of equipment that you will treasure when you need a caffeine boost or some added nutrition.

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I Won't Go to Work Without the Cauldryn Heated Coffee Mug. Here's Why...
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