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For the Love of Cheese!

These are extraordinary cheese varieties that should definitely be on your wish list.

Cheese, Cheese & Cheese. Photo Credit: The Cheshire Cheese Company.

Cheese is that one food that always seems to be capturing the world, crumb by crumb. Whether it’s melting some good old Cathedral City on toast, sipping some stilton from a broccoli soup, or spreading red Leicester all over your favourite crackers there always seems to be a way or a reason to enjoy a good cheese. Since the build-up to Christmas, there have been some rather exciting cheese flavours that have crept into the trends of early 2018 thanks to the Cheshire Cheese Company, and here’s the cheese that every dairy lover needs to try as the new year continues!

Here’s a list of some of the top ones to try if you fancy something a little different than the standard cheese sat in your fridge. For brie lovers, cheddar chompers, and stilton warriors, there is certainly a cheese that will tickle your tastebuds and leave you craving more.

Sticky Toffee Heaven Cheddar! This cheese combines real toffee pieces with a gentle medium cheddar that has a unique balance between a fudge-style pudding and the good old cheddar we all know and love. One to put on your shopping list as its won eight international awards since 2009! Not so much of a sweet tooth? Well don’t worry, they have an extensive range of savoury (albeit it not always traditional) variety of cheeses to offer a taste sensation; including their divine smokey tomato and garlic cheese that is certain to add that much-needed variety to any meal. No better way to spruce up the traditional grilled cheese on toast than with some tomato and garlic infusions!

For the more adventurous cheese taster, they offer their unique: El Gringo chilli, lime and tequila cheddar, one with constantly changing flavours for the spice lover. By blending their signature cheddar with Jalapeno chilli, a lime dash, and a splash of tequila, this cheese is definitely one to give a go if you are wanting a change from the standard cheddar you’re used to. The developing kicks and gentle lime flavour is one that makes for an ideal cheese to snack on or add to a salad for a subtle kick to make your meal all the more enjoyable.

Sticking on the theme of alcohol, they offer a more mature style cheese in the form of their Irish whiskey and stem ginger (a moreish rich mature cheddar), only available from the Cheshire Cheddar Company and one that whiskey lovers are sure to enjoy.

We couldn’t mention this rising company without mentioning the cheese that millennials seem to be going crazy for, starting with their gin and lemon infused cheddar. It’s no surprise this has been so popular, especially over the recent holiday season and this is one that is definitely worth spreading on your crackers and enjoying with a glass of your favourite wine. The other cheese that seems to have taken hold with cheese lovers is their strawberries, cream, and champagne infused cheese that is sure to be the ideal gift for a loved one. Ideally, it even comes in a heart shaped Valentine’s Day romance sorted for champagne and cheese lover alike!

Look no further than the Cheshire Cheese Company for your latest cheese infatuation, they have their basic favourites for the more traditional eater and many varieties I’ve failed to mention, including their Jamaican Jerk taste sensation! After the cheese advent calendar hit of Christmas and of course those cheese based desserts and gifts that are a staple part of every year, there is no better way to keep your cheese eating habits alive and exciting than with these ever-changing, ever delightful flavours!

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For the Love of Cheese!
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