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O'Spice Hominy with Veggies and Cheese

Changing what you put into your diet can help you achieve a healthy lifestyle.

Healing Through Food

What changes make a difference in a total healthy lifestyle? Most would say diet, exercise, and a stress-free itinerary. These are some of the steps that begin the process (when you start to get some motivation about yourself to do them), but changing what you put into your diet, exercise, and itinerary is the big kicker. Just as everyone else, I began to research different sources for the best answers, which I do incorporate into my current regimen. There are many suggestions to be sought after, yet I know there is a deeper connection in selecting the right one that best fits. Some call it the cellular level, though I know it taps into a spiritual aspect, whether you want to believe it or not.  

I have reached out to YouTube, Facebook groups, obtained suggestions from followers that I have used as well as shared, and recommendations from family, friends, and acquaintances. Though it is not the same as doing a self observation (you can even call it a test) to investigate whether these suggestions will work…..for you. I practice natural methods today, though I used to follow the advice of professionals in the past. I found that not all of them totally and truly honor the benefits of natural measures. Especially when the holistic communities are advocating natural remedies and methods and denouncing the need for modern medical treatments. The main reason for this is that there are less side effects from natural cures than modern treatments. Food, in their various types, is that treatment to cure. 

I have eaten all of the high-calorie and sugar packed processes, as well as fast and junk food. I found that by cooking my own style of junk and fast food, my body would react differently (especially the increase in energy)! The only meat I eat is fish, such as Tilapia, whiting, perch, tuna, and cod. Seaweed is also good since it is fortified with Omega 3, minerals, and vitamins. I am very pleased with the results of this change which has been rewarding now for over two years. 

I would like to share this special feature dish with all cultures familiar with this one ingredient: hominy. In a crock pot that is slowly simmering with your favorite meat, veggies, or both over a span of hours. I got my first taste of hominy in California and at that time I was eating all meats. Cilantro and Chile peppers were a familiar combination with a lot of the spicy dishes I had created. Today, I use it to create a healthy spin that is enjoyable with or without meat. 

This special dish is a perfect way to a healthier start. I have become very fond of utilizing different herbs while experimenting with a variety of creations such as this one. A simple dish that you can add as much or little as you like. 

O'Spice Hominy with Veggies and Cheese

  1. 1 can of hominy, half drained
  2. 1 bag of frozen broccoli
  3. 1 bag of frozen spinach
  4. 3 lbs of cheese
  5. Large pinch of sea salt
  6. Large pinch of black pepper
  7. Large pinch of Italian seasoning
  8. Large pinch of basil
  9. Large pinch of garlic salt
  10. Tiny pinch of cumin
  11. Tiny pinch of paprika

Open canned hominy and drain half way. Let simmer for about an hour or until tender. Steam broccoli and spinach until tender. Drain hominy and keep steamed veggie juice and add seasonings and cheese. Add veggie juice as needed to create a creamy texture. Serve with your choice of bread. Makes up to six servings.

I am glad to share this special dish with the world and know it will inspire more awareness for holistic change.

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Lashandra Willis
Lashandra Willis

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