Beat the Heat With Chilled Yogurt

A peek at how yogurt can transform snacking habits

Nothing cools a hot and humid afternoon like a bowl of chilled yogurt – homemade or packed. I love to have a serving of spiced or sweetened chilled yogurt as a snack on a summer day. The best part about yogurt, or curd, is that it can be transformed into so much in such a little time; and with minimum effort. Moreover, it is much healthier than the other junk most of us munch on when we’re troubled by hunger pangs.

And have you noticed how many varieties of yogurt are available in super markets these days? There are sorted by different flavors, different nutritional values, and what not! Though picking the most delicious pack of yogurt might be an uphill task, you can be sure of getting almost the same dose of probiotic benefits from each of them.

7 Benefits you can get from a bowl of Yogurt

  1. Yogurt with active cultures helps digestion
  2. Probiotic yogurt boosts immunity
  3. For diabetic women, having yogurt with active cultures regularly can discourage vaginal infections (consult your physician before trying this out)
  4. Yogurt is rich in calcium and thus helps prevent Osteoporosis
  5. A few studies show that Yogurt consumption reduces the risk of high blood pressure
  6. As I pointed above, snacking on low-fat Yogurt helps cut your calorie intake
  7. While you may not be aware, having yogurt regularly makes hair healthy

Every coin has two sides and yogurt is no exception to this. Read on to find out some things you should be aware of when thinking of snacking on yogurt.

Keep these points in mind before you grab your next bowl of yogurt:

• Don’t overdose on yogurt or else it will result in weight gain. 1-2 cups a day should be enough for most people

• The best time to eat yogurt is about half an hour after meals. This helps control intestinal bacteria

• Yogurt CAN be heated, though only moderately. It can help increase the effects of lactic acid in it. For this, put a cup of yogurt in a bowl that is filled with warm water (approx. 45 degrees C) for a while before eating it

• Avoid combining yogurt with random ingredients like sausage, bacon, or other greasy processed meats. Also, don’t eat yogurt with antibiotics

• Not everyone can eat yogurt. People who suffer from defecation or intestinal diseases should avoid it; infants under 1 year too shouldn’t be given yogurt. Also, diabetic people should avoid sweetened yogurt.

Fun Yogurt Recipes

And now for the fun part! Didn’t I say you can transform yogurt into so much more?

Here are 5 brilliant Yogurt recipes to brighten up your meal:

  1. Yogurt Popsicles
    A blend of fresh fruit and yogurt yields popsicles with attractive color and taste that can be cherished by kids and adults alike. Check out an easy recipe for Yogurt popsicles here.
  2. Yogurt Smoothies
    Smoothies are a recommended drink for a healthy and good start to the day. Perfect to kill those morning hunger pangs in a nutritious and healthy way! Here’s an easy Yogurt smoothie recipe.
  3. Spiced Yogurt (Indian Raita)
    Raita is an important part of Indian meals and comprises primarily of salted yogurt with added spices such as red chili powder and roasted cumin powder. A number of fruits and veggies can be added to raitas to make them interesting. Try out this recipe for an easy Indian raita.
  4. Yogurt Dips
    Dips teamed up with fried and baked snacks make for the perfect appetizers. Yogurt is an all-time favorite ingredient for making dips. Check out this easy yogurt dip recipe.
  5. Yogurt Parfait
    Parfait refers to a French style frozen dessert made with yogurt, sugar and/or fruit juices layered with fresh or canned fruits. It is a beautiful dessert that pleases the senses and is a perfect fit for parties. Here’s a simple fruit and yogurt parfait recipe.

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Beat the Heat With Chilled Yogurt