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11 Kitchen Cleaning Products That Will Change the Way You Clean Up

The best kitchen cleaning products will keep your home looking spotless all year round, so don't waste your money or time buying products that don't work.

Don’t make cleaning harder than it has to be. Kitchen cleaning products should keep soap scum at bay, make your stainless steel perfectly polished, and have your kitchen looking spotless all year round. Unfortunately, there are plenty of products out there that don't work as promised. Thankfully, if you invest your money in the best products, and you’ll be sure to see the best results.

Ultimate Hardwood Floor Care Kit by Bona

This Hardwood Floor Care System by Bona is one of the best kitchen cleaning products you can have if your home has wood floors anywhere within it. This floor care system will make mopping your floors a lot easier over the course of time, because it works to get rid of any dirt, dust, and pet hair that may gather daily on your floor. 

Microfiber Cleaning Cloth by AmazonBasics

These microfiber cleaning cloths by AmazonBasics are the perfect multi-surface cleaning cloths, and they will work with all of your cleaning supplies to clean kitchen furniture, counters, and beyond. The microfiber material will pick up dirt and absorb any moisture. These cloths also dry very quickly, so they can be reused. They are machine washable, as well.

Disinfecting Wipes by Clorox

Clorox disinfecting wipes are the leader in kitchen cleaning products. If you haven’t tried out these wipes, you need to grab a can, because they are the ultimate multi-surface cleaner. You can wipe down anything and everything with these wipes, and it will leave your kitchen smelling and looking cleaner than ever. The best part is that these wipes get rid of 99 percent of viruses, including the flu virus, so you’ll know that you’re truly cleaning and disinfecting your house when you use these.

Clean Day Multi-Surface Everyday Cleaner by Mrs. Meyer's

The Clean Day Multi-Surface Everyday Cleaner by Mrs. Meyer’s can be used as your all-purpose kitchen cleaner. This product is safe to use on tiles, walls, furniture, sinks, and beyond, and it will get rid of soap scum and stuck on dirt. You won’t need any other cleaning products when you buy this cleaner because it practically does all of the work for you.

Cleaning Vinegar by Aunt Fannie's

Aunt Fannie’s Cleaning Vinegar is a necessary add-on to your collection of kitchen cleaning products because baking soda and vinegar science can get rid of some of the worst smells and surface residues out there. However, normally vinegar does not smell that great either. This product has fixed that problem by giving the vinegar a sweet mandarin taste. You no longer have to worry about your house smelling sour with vinegar after cleaning.

Clean Day Cream Cleanser by Mrs. Meyer's

The Clean Day Cream Cleanser by Mrs. Meyer’s is another one of the great kitchen cleaning products under this brand. This cleanser is infused with baking soda, and it can be used to eliminate odors, get rid of tough grease, remove bathtub grime, and more. This product is all natural and plant based as well, so you can mix and match it with the other top natural cleaning products and never worry about the products you use being tested on animals again.

Kitchen Cabinet Cream by Parker & Bailey

This Kitchen Cabinet Cream by Parker & Bailey is the best cleaning product to use if you want to remove oil, stains, or dirt that have developed over time on your wooden cabinets. You may be hesitant to use some of your other all-purpose cleaners on your delicate wood, so it’s nice to have a product you can trust specifically for wood surfaces. This product can also be used as a wood conditioner to prevent drying and cracking, and keep your cabinets looking fresh before any wear and tear occurs.

Stainless Steel Cleaner and Polish by Weiman

Everyone needs a stainless steel cleaner and polish amongst their kitchen cleaning products, and Weiman provides one of the most effective cleaning supplies for this purpose. This product even comes with a large microfiber cloth to scrub down your grill, stove, or over in order to get that rust right off.

Original Steam Mop by Shark

The Original Steam Mop by Shark might just be a luxurious and necessary addition to your cleaning products. This mop will not only mop your floors, whether tile or wood, but the steam will dry the floors as well. You no longer have to spend time hopping around your kitchen to keep yourself from getting wet or to keep the floors from having spots. This mop keeps things incredibly convenient, and allows you to walk away from the kitchen without any extra work needed.

Natural Glass and Surface Cleaner by Method

The Natural Glass and Surface Cleaner by Method should be added to your stock of kitchen cleaning products because other kitchen cleaning tools you need to have can leave smudges on glass surfaces. Whether you have glass cabinets, a glass kitchen table, or glass windows you want to keep clean and clear, you’ll need a glass cleaner if you want these surfaces to be properly cleaned without any residue left behind.

Magic Eraser by Mr. Clean

Last on our list, Mr. Clean’s Magic Eraser has become a fan favorite amongst kitchen cleaning products because it seems to do everything you might need without any sprays or cloths needed. You simply wet the magic eraser, scrub it across any surface, and the dirt, rust, and grime are gone. It’s magic! You’ll have to pick one of these up to see for yourself, but it really works. This is a handy product to keep in your kitchen and throughout your home for whenever you need a quick fix.

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11 Kitchen Cleaning Products That Will Change the Way You Clean Up
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