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Why You Should Try Slow Foods Kitchen

The Best Raw Snacks Around

Audrey O'Donnell, Copyrighted 2018

With the large influx of health-conscious individuals across the globe companies have begun creating eco-friendly alternatives of their best-selling products. This can be seen in grocery stores, restaurants, department stores, and even in the automotive industry. Today though we are going to focus on food and more specifically one of my favorite brands, Slow Foods Kitchen. This company was founded in the small town of Palmetto, Florida and run by mother-daughter duo Felicia and Amanda. These two have worked hard to create delicious and nutritious snacks for people who give a ---- about what they are putting into their bodies.

What makes this company different is that they are not only vegan, gluten free, and organic but they are RAW too! Raw means that the food is never cooked, only dehydrated. Eating a raw diet can be tricky for some people because the only recipes that they know involve cooking the ingredients, and that can actually be a very large obstacle to climb. How do you make a carrot exciting without cooking the darn thing? This is where Slow Foods Kitchen comes in. They do all the hard work of experimenting with new ingredients to make a nut into a delicious milk or covering kale leaves with a mysterious golden sauce to ensure a delicious bite every time.

Instagram @ellaa.elizabeth

My favorite treat of theirs is the dehydrated pumpkin seeds that come in four different flavors, Chile Lime, Salted Caramel, Lightly Sweet Sriracha, and Maple Ginger. A bag rings in at $4 but it's definitely worth the price when you think about what you could grab at the gas station for the same total. A close second on my list is their kale chips. This product is their best seller and it really embodies their core beliefs. They LOVE Kale!

Something I also love about the company is that they have a wide variety of options. Not only do they create wonderfully savory snacks, but they have a sweet side as well. They feature chocolate and vanilla coconut macaroons and they even have pies! The pumpkin pie is literally to die for and it is also raw! I can promise you that you have never seen or tasted anything like it. Felicia and Amanda have done a wonderful job of finding what they are strongest at and amplifying those traits and treats, and they may be from a small town, but they ship anywhere in the United States. 

One last thing, you thought I was done, didn’t you? THEY MAKE TACO MEAT! Yes. Vegan, Raw, Gluten Free, and Organic taco meat that is quite tasty. Felicia and Amanda have also created a dehydrated taco shell that is made from red bell peppers and other delicious additions. Even if you don’t eat a vegan diet and you enjoy stuffing your taco shells with meat and other goodies, this taco shell will still change your life.

All of the letters I have formed into words and words I have formed into sentences have been to tell you that you MUST go to Slow Foods Kitchen NOW to purchase all of these great products. I promise, you will thank me later. Maybe you have a holiday party that you need to attend or a birthday party that deserves better than a tray of veggies, and frankly, YOU deserve better than a tray of veggies. So, treat yourself to an entire pumpkin (or chocolate) pie from the wonderful ladies down in Palmetto, Florida at Slow Foods Kitchen.

For future updates about where Slow Foods Kitchen is stocking their products you can follow them on Instagram @slowfoodskitchen and you can even sign up for their monthly newsletter at SlowFoodsKitchen.com They too are also planning informational blog posts about the importance of living your best life (which includes Slow Foods Kitchen treats).


Audrey O

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Why You Should Try Slow Foods Kitchen
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