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Why You Keep Hearing About Bone Broth

A Simple Food with a Whole Host of Benefits

With the new year in full swing, many people are looking for the next big health craze; or rather, they're looking for something that might help them lose that extra Christmas weight, and get a whole lot healthier in the new year. On top of that, many people are looking for foods that can help them with long term problems, not just with short term issues.

But, with all of the recent crazes going about, it's hard to figure out which ones are actually good for you. However, there is one food that's started making the rounds recently that might actually be as good for you as many might make you think.

Namely, it's bone broth, which many might not have heard of yet. Its steadily increasing popularity is down to a lot of different things, but its health benefits are the most attractive part of it.

What is it and how does it work?

Not many people may have heard of it, and even few may know exactly what's in this newly popular health food. However, it's relatively easy to guess what's in it, due to its name. In short, it's a broth that's been made with the bones and tissues of cows, chicken, and a number of other animals; while you can just use the bones of one animal, many people like to mix and match while still getting the full benefits.

When these bones and tissues are boiled down, they create a broth that includes many of the dietary nutrients that we need. On top of having all the nutrients that you need, it's also very filling and tastes wonderful, which helps it stand out from many of its competitors.


But does it actually have any benefits, other than having a number of nutrients and tasting great? Well, it turns out that there's quite a few.

It may protect the joints.

It's a great source of gelatin, which is needed in our bodies, especially the joints. For most of us, the cartilage in our joints breaks down and restricts over time, which is the main cause of joint pain. According to many studies, however, the broth may help increase the amount of gelatin in our bones, meaning that you'll reduce the risk of joint pain in the future.

While many of the studies have been done in relation to athletes, who put their joints through a lot of wear and tear, if it's been beneficial for them, then it will definitely be beneficial for those of us who are less athletically inclined.

It can help reduce inflammation.

A lot of us can suffer from different kinds of inflammation, especially in and around the stomach. However, not many people have found anything that may help with it, outside of some kind of medical intervention, such as medication.

That being said, broth made from animal bones and tissues, may be able to reduce the inflammation in your stomach. This is because of some of the nutrients that are still in the broth once the bones and tissue has been boiled down.

The main nutrient is the amino acids, which are in abundance in these kinds of broth; when it comes to reducing inflammation, getting as much amino acid in your diet is the best thing you can do in your diet, and that's definitely a major bonus with this.

It might help you sleep.

While it may not be the best sleep aid on the planet, glycine is one of the few nutrients that actually helps promote a regular sleep schedule. And, it just happens that glycine can be found in abundance in this broths, which can be a major benefit for anyone who needs a little bit of extra help when it comes to falling asleep.

As these studies have shown, people that have more glycine in their bodies find it easier to fall asleep, so if you need that helping hand, it's probably worth having an extra helping of broth not too long before you plan on heading to bed.

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Why You Keep Hearing About Bone Broth
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