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Why I Switched to Bang Energy

This energy drink has evolved, leaving other similar products in the stone age.

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If you clicked on this post I assume you, like many other Americans (or wherever you're reading this) and I, have an intake of caffeine we get for going through our week. This is for those who drink their Redbulls, Monsters, Rockstars, or whatever other named canned drink that falls under the same umbrella. I used to drink Rockstars to push me through the week. Whenever I'd crash, I'd top it off with a Coke to bring myself back in the game. The crashes were always the bad part. When the energy drink would wear off. I'd literally feel like my tank was on E. I don't get this with Bang. The energy with Bang is at a continuous go. No crashing, which means there's no need for my habit of buying a Coke to rev myself back up. That right there is a big plus. It also should be the number one reason to switch if you're an energy drink consumer like me. In case you need more than one reason. Here's a few more that you might like.

Twitter.com @BANGenergy

Another plus from switching drinks is the B vitamins. B6 and B12, B6 for brain development and B12 to help your red blood cells. Now I don't know if its the vitamins or caffeine, but let me tell you, my former choice of energy drink didn't make me switch from a workout to writing a screenplay or article, to doing pushups at home when the theme song to my current anime I'm binge watching comes on. Usually after the workout with my former choice of energy drink. I'd be hungry and go eat a meal. Then I'd rest and be tired but still be wide awake. Point is with the former choice I'll feel the wear and tear of the earlier workout. With the new choice no. Maybe it was the B12 vitamins from bang that help pushed me more throughout my day doing the same workout intensity I've been doing. I'm not 100 percent going to say I think it's the vitamins that are helping. I'm going to say it definitely feels different and better.

Another experience that I had switching my drinks was the change in flavor and taste. I'm already down to my three favorite flavors of Bang energy, and you know what? They all taste better than my favorite flavors of Rockstar! The blue razz taste like berries. The guava pear taste like guavas and pears. The sour heads taste like sour heads. This is a big plus for me because one of the stereotyped thoughts of energy drinks is they're supposed to taste like battery acid or nuclear liquid. Basically, whatever random crazy thing you're not supposed to drink. It's just common sense to pick the obvious better choice. Would you rather drink battery acid or pears and guavas? Personally, I'll be picking the tastier option.

Lastly, another benefit I'm recognizing since I switched was I don't feel like I got hit by a truck the next day. The truck being the caffeine intake from the previous day bothering me into the next. Bang doesn't give me that feeling. With my former drink, I'd wake up feeling like I was hungover. With Bang, recovery time waking up is nothing. There are times though when waking up doesn't happen and I end up staying up all night, but hey, it's an energy drink. You know what you're getting yourself into when you're drinking one of these, right? That's probably the only negative part. At the end of the day though, the positives outweigh the negatives. If you're an energy drink consumer like me. I've made the change and loved it. If you see Bang energy at a store near you, pick that up instead of your usual choice. Trust me, you'll feel the difference in your first can. Try the blue razz. That's usually the flavor I go for. I'm not going back to the previous energy drinks I've tried, Redbull and Rockstar. Bang energy is simply a better product than all their competition. It's the energy drink evolved. Plain and simple.

Blue Razz, My Favorite Flavor from Bang

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Why I Switched to Bang Energy
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