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The New World of Salts

Elevate your dishes to new heights with today's common salts.

Photo Credit: Jessica Gavin

Salt is a topic of many food discussions. Whether accompanied with butter for grits or salting your pasta water to taste, salt is an important essential to EVERY spice pantry.

As common table salt has ruled the breakfast and dinner table, the popular kitchen commodity has evolved.

As a traditionally trained foodie, I discovered multiple types of salts can elevate the flavor appeal of your dishes and desserts. I began my foodie journey with iodine-enriched salt. Gradually, I began baking and cooking with kosher salt. 

When you look closely at common table salt and kosher salt, there are a few differences. On the contrary, common table salt and kosher salt has few similarities as well as pink Himalayan salt.

Before distinguishing the differences between common table salt, kosher salt, and pink Himalayan salt, we need to know why salt is important to our food lifestyle. 

Salt is made of two minerals.

Photo credit: Wide Open Eats

Salt, a crystalline mineral, is made of two essential elements, sodium (Na) and chlorine (CI). Sodium is an essential mineral found in salt. 

These minerals are essential to send electrical impulses to your brain and nerves. 

Sodium can support the contracting and relaxing of your muscles, preventing dehydration, low blood pressure, and maintaining proper fluid balance. 

Grounded salt have added anti-caking compounds to prevent clumping. 

According to Medical News Today, consuming too much can lead to diseases, stroke, liver damage, or obesity. Alternatively, high sodium intake can result in high blood pressure. 

Pink Himalayan salt is one of the purest salts.

Photo Credit: American Heart Association 

Himalayan salts are gathered from Khewra Salt Mine in Pakistan. The pink color is due to the iron oxide. Himalayan salts also contains calcium, potassium, and magnesium.

A source mentioned that pink Himalayan salts contain about 84 different trace minerals and have less sodium than common table salt.

Himalayan salt doesn't contain additives, like anti-caking compounds, and are less likely to be artificial. 

Pink Himalayan salt has benefits of proper fluid balance and prevents dehydration. This type of salt helps promote a healthy pH balance of cells, and regulate blood sugar levels and the body's natural sleep cycle. 

Pink Himalayan salt has a saltier flavor—so less is more.  

There's no present scientific research proving pink Himalayan salt is more health beneficial than common table salt.

Kosher salt is used in Jewish food traditions.

Photo Credit: wiseGEEK

I've discovered kosher salt to be my favorite spice to accent, enhance, and elevate my food dishes by far!

Kosher salt has a different appearance and flavor duty, just as the others. This type of salt has a flaky and refined look compared to common table salt. It's more visible atop food than common table salt. The flakes are gathered from evaporated seawater. Remaining minerals can cause a change in color. 

Kosher salt is versatile for your cooking and baking needs. This type of salt is ideal for easy crumbling over veggies, proteins, and salting pasta water.

Kosher salt doesn't contain additives like anti-caking compounds or iodine. 

Become acquainted with Kosher salt.

Photo Credit: Stella Bistro Foods

Desiring to be the best baker at your daughter's PTA meeting or the best cooking couple at your weekly meetup are great aspirations. Understanding the basics of salt has helped me bake damn good scones and cupcakes, but also elevated my dinner entrees.

In my kitchen, common table salt is overrated. Himalayan salt is great—at the right time, right place, and the right price. Though Himalayan salt is a better first choice, kosher salt is not too far behind. 

I discovered a great balance of kosher salt, spices and herbs in Stella Bistro Foods Universalt

This sultry spice is versatile to add to side, stove top, or baked dishes. I like to sprinkle a couple of pinches over my cheese and crackers, veggie trays, and even dessert tarts before serving. 

Your possibilities to elevate your food dishes are ENDLESS with Stella Bistro Foods Universalt. The sultry spice uses certified kosher salt, spices and herbs that your taste buds can't deny. 

Neither will your family gathered around the dinner table. 

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The New World of Salts
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