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The Basics of Baking

Baking is a masterpiece and art!

Baking is a form of art. Baking can be a masterpiece, if done right. My number one tip for baking correctly is knowing your ingredients and if you use supplements for certain ingredients, use the proper supplement.

One step to great baking is creaming the butter and sugars together. By doing that it allows air to enter as it creams. Allowing air, it makes whatever you're making light and fluffy. If the recipe called for oil not butter do the same thing but on a higher speed.

Adding eggs into the mix is just as easy. Crack the eggs into a separate small bowl. Add one egg at a time. Allow the mixture to beat one minute before adding another egg. 

Adding flour and the other dry ingredients. Mix all dry ingredients in another bowl. Add it into the wet ingredients slowly. If there is any milk in the recipe, add half of the milk and flour into the butter mix. Then mix it and add the rest of milk and flour into the main bowl.

Always grease the pans you use (except if you are making cookies). If you're making a cake tap the bottom of the pan on the counter. Not tapping it allows air bubbles and causes it to cook unevenly. 

With cupcakes and cakes only, if they are dry inside, there are a few ways to fix that. If you are doing them for adults you can an add alcohol of your choice and brush a bit over the top of the cake. If they are for kids use simple syrup with is equal parts water and sugar, cook till the sugar has dissolved. 

One thing I know some people do is use too much sugar. If it's too sweet put a small pinch of salt. But if you need salt to top something with to help sweetness, I say use a few flakes of pure sea salt.

Butter creams are easy. Its only powdered sugar, butter mixed together then a splash of vanilla and milk or cream (your pick).  These add a small pinch of salt because of the sugar amount here. 

These are the basics of baking.

I will discuss supplement ingredients. I personally don't use any. But as replacement for eggs you can use unsweetened applesauce. Just know the measurements properly. Of course instead of milk you are able to use soy milk. Sugar can be replaced by Stevia or Splenda. 

I try to cook or bake with supplements once in a while. It's rare I use them. I have baked vegan and cooked vegetarian before. Baking vegan isn't terrible. It certainly doesn't taste terrible. Vegan brownies are great especially if your a fan of fudgey brownies, they are perfect for you. 


Since I'm done with the steps I'm gonna do a small Q&A. 

Q. What got you into baking and cooking?

A. I used to watch my family cook and one day I tried and loved it and never stopped.

Q. How did you learn to cook?

A. I'm mostly self-taught. I learned a few very basic recipes from my family. 

Q. Favorite way to cook?

A. If you go back to my first story, you will learn a lot about my style. You'll get a better description. But, I will give a quick description. My family is extremely basic with what they like. I try cooking different all the time, sometimes it works, sometimes it doesn't. But to get a really good description look at my first story.

That's all for now. To submit a question, give feedback, request recipes etc... The link is in my bio.

Until the next story!

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The Basics of Baking
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