Vegetarian recipes, lifestyle, and culture presented by the Feast community.

Kent Maquilinga month ago
Veggie for a Week!
Recently, myself and some colleagues from Therapy Agency challenged ourselves to go veggie for National Vegetarian Week. And to be honest, it wasn’t that hard. As a Filipino who was raised in an envir...
Munjeeta Sohal3 months ago
The Language of Consent
I have been thinking a lot about consent lately; it’s become a bit of a buzzword and that’s no bad thing. As an educator, I generally think about consent in terms of sex education and the fact that st...
Courtney Lee7 months ago
What No One Tells You When You Go Vegetarian
And no, this isn’t about gas.
Viv Westwood9 months ago
5 Reasons You Should Go (Almost) Vegetarian
I grew up in a family that doesn't believe in a meal without meat and where a breakfast isn't a breakfast without bacon. Later in life, my friend and dating circle began to include more and more veget...
Jamie Read9 months ago
Vegetarian Mexican Salad Bowl
Check out my easy, vegetarian, Mexican-inspired salad bowl (okay, I know that’s a bit of a mouthful, but seriously check it out)! The other day before uni, I was absolutely starving (no shock there) a...
Rachael McAllister10 months ago
The Truth About How Animals End Up On Our Plates
Let me start off by letting that image sink in... I’m here today to give some insight to a massive issue that some of you may not have ever even thought about. In the back of our minds we all know wha...
Emily O'briena year ago
They Say Happiness is a Choice
All my life I have been an animal lover; the typical female that has to stop for every dog on the street just to give it a cuddle, or feed the streets stray cat and laugh at funny pictures found of a ...
Amanda Stampera year ago
Healthy Crock Pot Recipes for Vegetarians
Being a vegetarian can severely limit your options when trying to pin down a recipe for a delicious home-cooked meal. However, that doesn't mean it has to, as there are plenty of healthy choices out t...
Zhara Hussaina year ago
Homemade Tomato Sauce
Today I am making homemade tomato sauce. This is one of the condiments I like to prepare and have on hand regularly. I have always loved ketchup and was used to slathering it with almost every meal. I...
Rowan Marleya year ago
Quick and Easy Crock Pot Recipes for Vegetarians
Crock pot recipes are always a great choice for a weeknight meal. They are the ultimate "lazy chef" option that tastes great, packs tons of nutrition, and also allows you to get in a full day of work ...
Jamie Sergeanta year ago
How Will We Eat in the Future?
The world’s population is increasing. It’s projected to rise from 7.4 billion people in 2016 to 9.2 billion people in 2050. That’s 1.8 billion extra mouths to feed in a world where, even now, people o...
Angela Goodwina year ago
The Vegan/Vegetarian Challenge (Veganuary)
Earlier this year I met some friends who are dedicated vegans and they were promoting Veganuary (a month of eating vegan only food). This was so that people could take advantage of the fact that they ...
Alan Borgarsa year ago
The Benefits of a Pescetarian Diet
As the environmental and financial costs of red meat, and white meat for that matter (reed: pork, beef, lamb, venison etc. for red meat and chicken, turkey and other birds for white meat) continue to ...
Alex Sampsona year ago
A Carnivore Turns Vegan
I've never liked social justice warriors. They always annoyed me, primarily because half of them seem like they're only doing it so they can post about it on Facebook and act like they're holier than ...
Gerald Rogersa year ago
2017: The Year Of Veganism?
Twenty years ago you couldn't find anyone that even knew what the vegan diet was. Fast forward to 2017 and the vegan diet is the hottest thing in food around the globe. To be be clear, veganism is muc...
Rikki La Rougea year ago
Thank You Taco Bell for Being Vegetarian Friendly!!
When I stopped eating meat I thought I wouldn't be eating any of Taco Bell's ,eat products anymore, but that was a small sacrifice that had to be made. I went vegetarian for strictly moral and ethical...
Marlene Affelda year ago
Polly Want a Cracker?
Have you ever made snack crackers at home? Most people don’t. There are so many savory varieties on the market; it seems faster and easier to pick up a box of munchies at the market than to go to the ...
Daniel Johnsona year ago
This West African Berry Alters Taste-Buds!
Mixing different combinations of flavors can be exciting for chefs all over the world, but the ingredient of miracle berries can actually alter one's taste-buds' shapes to enjoy certain ingredients in...