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Amber Van Wort7 days ago
The Do's & Don'ts of Vegan Cooking
Turning coconut flakes into bacon bits and cauliflower into chicken wings seems intimidating, impossible even. I mean, cashew cheese? Really? But don't fret, vegan cooking can be easy-peezy lemon-sque...
Valentina Ca month ago
The Ultimate Guide to Becoming Vegan
Should you go vegan? The answer is yes. There are many reasons people should go vegan ranging from their health to helping animals. Any reason you have to go vegan should be enough to make that change...
Julita Pa month ago
How to Make Almond Vegan Cheese (Very Easy)
When I say cheese, you probably think, 'Wait a minute, isn't a cheese made of milk? How can it be vegan?' Well, I get your thinking, but you'd be surprised how many tasty and vegan cheeses you can fin...
Julia Fishera month ago
Vegan Taco Bell
There have been too many Saturday nights after the bars where I have seen that purple bell glowing in the distance, and have sprinted my ass as fast as possible to get to the shining doors known as Ta...
5 Benefits of Going Vegetarian
All You Need to Know Before Making the Change
Tiana Bryanta month ago
7 Quick Tips for a New Vegan
Deciding to become a vegan is a big choice. These quick tips will help ease your transition into the Vegan Lifestyle.
Katelynd Vermeera month ago
Veganism Sucks
Let me just start off by saying, veganism is on the rise, you know it, I know it, the vegan population has grown by over 600% in the US in the last five years. With that comes a lot of truth, and a lo...
Samantha Bentley2 months ago
Best Vegan Spots in London
Vegan mania is fast setting in. Veganuary reportedly saw the number of participants reach over 150,000, many deciding to stay Vegan even after January came to an end, whether you are a full time, life...
Keira Asha2 months ago
Homemade Fluffy Vegan Pancakes
This is probably my favourite pancake recipe that I have ever come across. Not only are they fluffy and delicious, you wouldn’t even know that they were vegan. The original recipe comes from a Youtube...
Kaylee Champa2 months ago
5 Tips for New Vegans
Your decision to go vegan may leave you wondering where to start. Here are some things to consider about the lifestyle.
Kaylee Champa2 months ago
The Best Budget-Friendly Vegan Foods
Whether you are a student, a new vegan, or just on a tight budget, here are some plant-based staples to stock up on.
Bella Rose2 months ago
The Avocado Toast: 4 Healthy and Creative Recipe Ideas (A Video Included)
As seen all around the internet and social media, images of the famous avocado toast take the lead at spicing up the average toast for many—and for good reason, at that. It's healthy, filling, and sup...
Jo Wolforth3 months ago
Top 10 Sources of Plant-Based Protein
Vegans, or those on a plant-based diet, are often asked the source of their protein. In developed countries protein deficiency is incredibly rare, the amount of protein people think they need is often...
Bel Bites3 months ago
Quick, Easy, & Delicious
This is the easiest way to eat well on a budget with tons of flavour!
Ashley Lore3 months ago
No-bake Chocolate Cheesecake
No-bake dairy-free chocolate cheesecake! When I was in middle school I found out I couldn't eat any dairy. I was allergic and it made me sick. It was hard being the only one in the house not able to e...
Arghierenia Kyrimi3 months ago
Ditch Cream and Cheese for Cashews and Nutritional Yeast
Cashew nuts and nutritional yeast have been celebrated for their amazing qualities amongst vegans for some time now, but they are too delicious and too nutritious to not be celebrated by everyone who ...
Alix McCormick3 months ago
Vegan Pasta
Hello my little lovelies! So today I am back with a recipe that is all made in one pot. That's right, one pot! This is a simple recipe with very few ingredients. This is perfect for when you have kids...
Arghierenia Kyrimi3 months ago
3 Classic Sauces Re-imagined
Sweet sauces are an absolute favourite for most of us. However, if we are trying to eat healthy and avoid refined sugars, we have to say goodbye to them. In my quest to find which sauces do not have a...