Best recipes from the Feast community cookbook for your home kitchen.

Linda Paul5 months ago
Amish Friendship Bread
I am a huge fan of Amish Friendship Bread. I used to make it years ago until eventually I ran out of friends that wanted a bag of starter. You see, Amish Friendship Bread starts either as a pre-made b...
Linda Paul5 months ago
One Minute Mug Cakes
Words simply cannot express my love for mug cakes. They are easy to make and there is no chance that I might consume an entire cake in one sitting. I have been known to do that from time to time. I ha...
Daryanne Carr5 months ago
Wife Talk: Cheesy Chicken Bake Recipe
Let’s get some back story. I have been cooking and researching most my life—I did learn from my grandmother and mother. Strong women in my life who had large families and hungry teens. This particular...
Linda Paul5 months ago
Almond Joy Cookies
I love chocolate, I love candy bars, and I love cookies! But, most of all I love easy to make cookies hot out of the oven. I admit that I am really pretty lazy when it comes to baking. I don't get tha...
Alix McCormick5 months ago
Healthy Chicken Fried Rice
Hello my little lovelies! So I know I've been lagging a little bit but I promise you posts are coming. As soon as I get into a routine with work and the gym I'll be much better at it, I promise. Thing...
Renae Rodriguez5 months ago
Beyond Butterbeer
I have been on an almost constant search for the best Butterbeer that I could find... and I finally found one!
Linda Paul5 months ago
Whipped Pumpkin Pie
I love pumpkin pie. But, whipped pumpkin pie takes a good thing and makes it totally awesome! A friend of mine brought this to Thanksgiving dinner and it was the hit of the party. I was amazed at how ...
FatN Flour6 months ago
BBQ Chicken Fries
If you are looking for a tasty late night meal or party food, this dish is for you! Not only is THIS recipe amazing, but if you feel the need to make any modifications, you absolutely can! The great t...
FatN Flour6 months ago
Cookie Dough Cake
This has to be one of my favorite cakes ever! My friend asked me to make a chocolate chip cookie dough cake for her boyfriend's birthday, and I did not want to disappoint! This cake has three layers o...
Bethany Gordon6 months ago
Rustic Syrup Carrot Cake
A new approach to the traditional carrot cake by adding maple syrup that oozes that down the cake, this cake will be ideal for garden parties and a tier of rustic wedding cake.
James E. 6 months ago
Spaghetti Sauce
Before I get started on this amazing and easy recipe, I incorporated bits and pieces from a family recipe that has been handed down through my family for years. It's not a secret recipe; I mean it is ...
Jessica Bailey6 months ago
Vegan Bites, Sweet Treats for All
The above pic is a frequent sight on family dining tables at gatherings—I arrange them, Ferrero Roche-like, on a fine plate and watch the pyramid dissemble with glee. As you know, a magician never rev...
James E. 6 months ago
Tofu Marinades
Not everyone likes tofu for many reasons, flavor being the main one. I used to despise tofu, couldn't stand the stuff, didn't want anything to do with it. I didn't like the flavor, consistency, the sm...
FatN Flour6 months ago
Mocha Chocolate Cake Recipe
Let me just start out by saying how delicious this cake is! It is super moist, not too sweet, but very chocolatey. The mocha in the cake adds no taste, but instead highlights the chocolate flavor, whi...
Alexis Hustus6 months ago
The Ginger Tea Reviews: Vanilla Matcha Macarons!
Hello, everyone! Long time, no blog post, right? I know, but I can happily say that the hiatus is finally, FINALLY, over! So, welcome back to the Ginger Tea Reviews! Tea is my passion, and I'm making ...
Bethany Gordon6 months ago
How to Make Lemon and Ginger Tea Cupcakes
Who knew you can incorporate a tea flavor into cupcakes. Lemon and ginger tea is not only good for you but it taste really good to as it contains all natural ingredients. There are many tea inspired c...
Vegan Irish Nachos That Will Make Your Mouth Water!
I often find myself craving specific dishes while I’m doing the most random things or when I see a Non Vegan dish I want to recreate. I decided this week I wanted to eat all Plant-Based and no additiv...
Lily Drake6 months ago
Instant Pot Sweet Potatoes
The thing about sweet potatoes is I always forget how much I love them until I eat them. Somewhere in my mind I think sweet potatoes are just okay but then I eat some and think where have you been all...