Best recipes from the Feast community cookbook for your home kitchen.

Jennifer Sigala6 months ago
'FRIENDS' Recipes
There is one FRIENDS cast that was a Professional Chef (Monica) the rest of the cast are food lovers, especially Joey. Here are some of the dish that were in the episode for each cast.
Alix McCormick7 months ago
Buffalo Chicken Pasta
Hello, my little lovelies! So one of my favorite kitchen appliances is my slow cooker and my crock pot. It has been a god send when I know I don't want to cook the next day or if I want to do an easy ...
Meghan T7 months ago
How to Make the Perfect Red Velvet Cupcake
Who doesn't love a good red velvet cupcake? In my opinion there's something so special about red velvet. Maybe it's simply the name, 'red velvet' sounds so elegant and enchanting. Or possibly it's the...
Paul Zheng7 months ago
So a lot of people have trouble making the very basics of egg dishes. That's okay, because I will be teaching you three of the most common and easiest egg recipes. The first one I would like to introd...
Alix McCormick7 months ago
Turkey Spaghetti
Hello my little lovelies! So this recipe I have is a recipe that I developed back when I was in college when I started to really cook. Now a few things have changed since then since I started changing...
Linda Paul7 months ago
Soda Pop Cakes
Did you know that you can make an awesome, moist, and delectable cake using only two ingredients? And, what if I told you that one of those ingredients is soda pop? That’s right... carbonated soda and...
Milan Ross7 months ago
Vegan Banana Pancakes
I AM NOT A VEGAN. But I have several close friends who are. Being in college and eating in a dining hall most days, I never really had to concern myself with what my vegetarian/vegan friends ate. They...
Paulina Slusarczyk7 months ago
3 Drinks to Help You Stay Warm This Upcoming Fall and Winter Season
Fall is around the corner, but we can already feel the cold breeze coming in during those last few summer nights. Fall is a wonderful time to enjoy so many outdoor activities, including apple picking,...
Jamie Stokes7 months ago
Maple & Brown *Coconut Sugar Overnight Oats
I've been trying to eat a lot healthier lately to just get generally healthy and lose some extra weight. With that means trying to make healthier options for my boyfriend and I and this has been our favorite quick, easy, on-the-go breakfast! It’s a healthier (and just as easy) version of the instant oatmeal packs you can buy from the store. The difference here is you know exactly what’s going into it and you know that the ingredients are things you can feel good feeding to yourself and family!
Alix McCormick7 months ago
Lime Chicken
Hello my little lovelies! So for this lovely Friday posting, I’m going to give you guys my recipe for lime chicken! It’s a simple recipe that is easy to do and you can cook this in multiple ways. The ...
Linda Paul7 months ago
Best Ever Dump Cakes
The other night I was ransacking my cupboards looking for something sweet to eat. I don’t like grocery shopping, so I tend to put it off until I have just the basics. What is really wrong with this pi...
Linda Paul7 months ago
My Favorite Mug Cooking Recipes
I am in love with mug cooking. In fact, I am pretty much obsessed with mug cooking! I must have at least 40 mugs. I have collected them over 30 years and now I can finally give each of them a chance t...
Meghan T7 months ago
5 Delicious Fall Treat Recipes
It's that time of year again, the leaves are changing colors, the air is getting crisp, and pumpkin spice is in the air! Fall is my absolute favorite season. Pumpkin patches, apple orchards, colorful ...
Amanda Kelly7 months ago
Fried Chicken Dinner
To me, nothing, says comfort food like some home cooking. It is my opinion, that some of the best comfort foods are fried chicken, mashed potatoes, and buttermilk biscuits. Put together with a vegetab...
Linda Paul7 months ago
Apple Crisp Crumble
Who doesn’t love apple crisp crumble? And who doesn’t love the taste of butterscotch? It can only get better when the butterscotch is in the form of butterscotch schnapps. This recipe is totally aweso...
Alix McCormick7 months ago
Creamy Tomato Pasta with Steak
Hello my little lovelies! So today I have a simple recipe for you that you can essentially make into anything you like. I've been using this recipe years but I've tweaked it a little bit to make it sl...
Antonia Fitcal7 months ago
Learn How to Eat Romanian, Two Recipes You Need to Know
Romania. Maybe some of you have not heard so many things about this country, or if you’ve heard, it’s probably not been too glamorous. Well, when it comes to eating, Romania should be praised all over...
Bethany Gordon7 months ago
How to Make Mixed Berry Tea Cupcakes
Ever heard of Mixed Berry Tea Cupcakes? Well we all come across something new everyday. Mixed Berry Tea Cupcakes are my own creation and consist of a very sweet Tea flavor that is incorporated into bo...