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Abigail Brooke6 months ago
French Dip Sliders
Guys. Don't even get me started with my love of French dip. I have traveled around my hometown to the best restaurants that CLAIM to have the best French dip and oh boy. Let me tell you. My mouth is d...
Megan Punches6 months ago
Peanut Butter Chocolate Chip Cookies
You guys. These cookies are amazing. I've been making these cookies for almost a year and I've made them so much that I've truly perfected the recipe. While they have peanut butter in them, they reall...
Brittney Hudkins6 months ago
Simple and Delicious Fall Recipe
Easy Recipes for Busy People
Abigail Brooke6 months ago
Comfort Chicken Alfredo
My family is obsessed with pasta, and chicken Alfredo tops the charts. When I think of comfort food, I think of chicken and pasta, Alfredo to be exact. It has that cheesy goodness that is too tempting...
Destry Garcia6 months ago
Low Carb Protein Muffins
I started my health & wellness journey in 2016. Honestly, I only started caring about my health because I wanted to lose weight for a cruise. Fortunately for me, I couldn’t believe how amazing I felt ...
Abigail Brooke6 months ago
Chow Mein
GUYS!! This it the best thing I have ever put into my mouth! If you want to ignore my babbling, just scroll down to the instructions. I kinda have to talk a while for the word count… A couple months a...
P.R. Cooking6 months ago
Cheesecake Recipe
Cheesecake my favorite dessert. I love it because it is so creamy, then you have like a buttery crust. It's light and fluffy. Make it right, it will come out perfect. Recipe reveal time.
Abigail Brooke6 months ago
Chicken Noodle Soup
I don't know about you but I go crazy when I'm sick. I hate not being able to do anything. If you know me, you know chicken noodle soup makes everything better. Nothing makes me feel better when I'm s...
Ashlee Greenlee6 months ago
Simple, Comforting Avgolemono
Everyone around me this week has been sick. My son spent the first part of his fall break complaining of a sore throat, my friends are all coughing, and I'm just trying to keep away from their germs. ...
Abigail Brooke6 months ago
Taco Cups
Does anyone else get woken up in the middle of the night with a craving for tacos? Just me? Alright... but these mini taco cups would be PERFECT to satisfy those cravings. Now when its not three in th...
Brandi Payne6 months ago
My Enchiladas
I have always loved Mexican food even when I couldn't pronounce it correctly. To me, Taco Bell is a form of Mexican food, but it is not like a home cooked true Mexican food. I have played with many re...
Abigail Brooke6 months ago
Egg Noodles
One of my favorite thing to do is to hand make bread, pizza dough, and PASTA. Nothing is better than a home cooked meal. Homemade pasta is just unexplainably delicious. When I found a recipe for egg n...
Jessica Bailey6 months ago
Ultimate Vegan/Gluten Free Pancakes
Hello, all! I'm back after a few months away, experimenting and dreaming up ways to eat the food I used to love before veganism in a plant-based, healthy way. I used to love pancakes but really strugg...
r. nuñez6 months ago
Chunky Guacamole Salad
Contemporarily, most people have come to think of guacamole as a pasty dip, probably due to the convenience of the blender. When I was young, we did not have a blender in our home, and all the ingredi...
Rebecca Lavezzare6 months ago
Nesquick Fudge Brownies
This recipe is the best brownie recipe U ever had. Hope you all enjoy this tasty recipe. Fudgy brownies have a limited amount of flour—about 1/2 cup—and no leavening ingredients like baking powder. They'll usually call for you to melt the butter rather than cream it with the sugar, which will yield a denser, fudgier confection. You'll be using unsweetened chocolate as a general rule, so also expect to use a ton of sugar, a full cup or so. Cakelike brownies contain more flour and a leavener to ma...
Bethany Gordon6 months ago
Rose Water and Berry Loaf
Honesty one of the best cakes I've ever made! This is my first time using rose water for food flavoring and I must say I am very impressed by this ingredient. Just 2 tablespoons of rose water really g...
Megan Elaine6 months ago
3 Healthy Toddler Approved Snacks!
Do you have a hard time getting your toddler to eat anything besides goldfish, fruit snacks and yogurt? If you answered yes, these recipes will be your savior.
Liana Hewitt6 months ago
Instant Pot Thanksgiving Leftovers Soup
As a Canadian, this past weekend I have celebrated Thanksgiving. Getting together with friends and family and enjoying a meal is one of the best parts of celebrating Thanksgiving. Another great part o...