Best recipes from the Feast community cookbook for your home kitchen.

Kayla W.10 days ago
Single-Serving Plantain Pancakes
Good morning, everyone (for me, at least)! I hope that you've all been doing well, practicing self-care and self-love, and working towards your goals! We're nearly halfway through February already, an...
Simply Samantha16 days ago
Homemade Lasagna
My second favorite pasta dish of all time, lasagna. (The first of course being spaghetti.) The only bad thing is my husband isn't a fan of the ricotta cheese that is usually put into a traditional las...
Armando Carreraa month ago
10 Ice Cream Recipes You Need to Make at Least Once
There’s truly nothing better than ice cream recipes that you can not only make during the hot summer, but you can even make during wintertime. Ice cream is an amazing treat no matter what time of year...
Sasha Konikovoa month ago
Best Restaurant Cookbooks of All Time
If there's one thing I love, it's dining out. I love being able to sit down at restaurants, get waited on, hear about new wine pairings for the food, and have an entire menu just ready at my fingertip...
Simply Samanthaa month ago
Sticky Nanas
Growing up, there was a certain restaurant that my aunt always took me to for my birthday. You might be wondering, why only once a year? Well, this was a Japanese restaurant in the middle of a large c...
Ella Rainz2 months ago
Leftovers No More!
When you wake up on the morning of a Holiday, you typically think about whether or not you're ready for said holiday. However, the one thing it would be bad to remember is what you're going to eat for...
Renee Quailey2 months ago
Onion Recipes
Onions are known to have many layers, and these layers are in the form of yummy recipes for us to try, and they are also very good for us. They don't just clean out your tear ducts. They help to keep ...
Paula C. Henderson2 months ago
Gluten Free and Dairy Free Vegetable Dishes
Gluten-free and dairy-free vegetable dishes.
The Bronx Vegan2 months ago
Vegan Puerto Rican Sancocho
Once the weather started getting colder, I saw an abundance of friends posting a delicious variety of soul-warming meals online that kept them fueled and looked delicious. One of these dishes was sanc...
Bethany Gordon2 months ago
How to Make Cranberry and Chocolate Granola Bars
Surprisingly enough, granola bars are one of the easiest recipes I've ever baked. I always thought cupcakes and cookies were the simplest recipes to make. As I am always looking for new baked goods to...
Nathonia Smith2 months ago
Give That Turkey Some Flavor
Approaching the end of the year involves celebrating two major holidays that involve a lot of eating; Thanksgiving Day and Christmas Day. I have always considered Thanksgiving the holiday that focuses...
Skunk Uzeki3 months ago
10 Cool Ways to Make Ramen Taste Better
If you've ever lived the broke life of a college student, then you already know about the magic that is ramen. Ramen noodles, most often in the form of Top Maruchan packets, are the corrugated cardboa...
Bethany Gordon3 months ago
White Chocolate and Blueberry Cookies
White chocolate and blueberry cookies, anyone? A delicious taste of a sweet berry goes well with white chocolate that can be enjoyed anytime of the day with hot chocolate or coffee for the upcoming wi...
Glen Warren3 months ago
Apricot Coconut Curry Crispy Rice Treats
It's interesting how certain things make you think of a post. I was driving along and I saw a poster for the International Comedy Festival featuring comedian Shaun Majumder. For those of you who don't...
Angie Robinson3 months ago
Keto...Bread Rolls?
1 1/4 cups almond flour 1 cup hot water 1/3 cup psyllium husk powder 2 teaspoons of apple cider vinegar 2 teaspons of baking powder 3 egg whites Salt Large mixing bowl Lined baking sheet These are the...
Phoenixx Fyre Dean3 months ago
Mama Dean's Bacon Mac and Cheese
Bacon, bacon, bacon! Now that I have your attention, let's throw in some pasta and cheese and make a boring old dish come alive!
Angie Robinson3 months ago
Keto Chili
Already receiving raving reviews on Facebook, this dish already received 171 likes, and 108 comments in just the first two hours of it being posted. That's over 1 like a minute. Now it's almost double...
Diamond 💎 3 months ago
Hi my name is Crystal and this is my recipe for horchata. My version of horchata is different then most. I do not use rice at all. I have never tasted the “real” version before but I am told it tastes...