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Margaret Minnicks2 months ago
What's the Difference: Vegetarian, Vegan, Pescatarian, Flexitarian, Fruitarian, and Beegan?
Many people talk so much about what they eat and don't eat that there is a name for what they claim to be. Let's set the record straight, and learn exactly what each one of those eating styles is all ...
Cato Conroy2 months ago
10 Ways to Make Eggs into a Meal
When you’re a broke college kid, very few things will be as important (or as much of a diet lifesaver) as having eggs in your fridge. Eggs provide a slew of important nutrients, are low calorie, and a...
Iggy Paulsen2 months ago
10 Healthy Microwave Breakfast Recipes You Need to Try
Fairly recently, my husband got a job at a local bakery. His job requires him to start work at 8 AM, and that sounds pretty fair until you realize what our regular schedule is like. Usually, we like t...
Riley Raul Reese2 months ago
10 Surprisingly Healthy Microwave Snacks (That Aren't Popcorn)
Shortly after my husband moved in, I realized that I had a problem. Well, not really a problem, but rather, a conundrum. My husband is the type of guy who adores microwaved meals—often to the point th...
Ashley Terrell2 months ago
5 Mushrooms You Should Know
Mushrooms are a food mystery within itself. There's bitter tasting mushrooms. There's sweet and sour tasting mushrooms. We tend to look them over in the grocery store, not understanding many kinds of ...
The 10 Best Cookbooks for Diabetics
It is reported that about 1.4 million new cases of diabetes are diagnosed each year, while an estimated 8 million individuals are undiagnosed or unaware of their condition. Diabetes is a difficult dis...
Patty McDaniels5 months ago
Best Grilling Hacks
Come this summer and you will probably throw parties in your backyard. Spending some quality time with your family and friends in your yard and playing those outdoor games with everyone can have its o...
Morgan E. Westling5 months ago
10 Delicious Ways to Use Breakfast Cereal in Cooking
Okay, I know what you're thinking. When you hear breakfast cereal, you probably don't imagine fine Italian cuisine. As many DIYers and home chefs have already found out though, this extra added can ma...
Morgan E. Westling6 months ago
11 Kitchen Cleaning Products That Will Change the Way You Clean Up
Don’t make cleaning harder than it has to be. Kitchen cleaning products should keep soap scum at bay, make your stainless steel perfectly polished, and have your kitchen looking spotless all year roun...
Lovelli Fuad7 months ago
11 Curious Things You Must Know About Bananas
This banana article is an essential part of my “Tropical Fruit Inspiration Series,” which lists the curious things I found out about some of my fave tropical fruits and vegetation. These plants are an...
Lovelli Fuad7 months ago
11 Curious Things You Ought to Know About Mangoes
I’ve included this mango article as part of my "Tropical Fruit Inspiration Series," in which I list a number of curious things about some of my favourite tropical fruits and plants. The tropical veget...
Lovelli Fuad7 months ago
11 Curious Things You Didn’t Know About Pineapples
I've created this article as part of my Tropical Fruit Inspiration Series, listing a number of curious things about some of my favourite tropical fruits and vegetations. They are my endless source of ...
Ada Zuba7 months ago
Surprise Facts About Food
As a huge fan of food, I tend to forget where it originally came from. Such as croissant I always just assumed this was a french food, however, recently, I have learned that it actually originated in ...
Paisley Hansen8 months ago
Why You Need To Consider Food Storage
Be prepared for any emergency with food storage.
Nekisha McLeod8 months ago
5 Things to Do with Leftover Halloween Candy
Whether you have a sweet addiction you're trying to kick or you are a parent who does not want to indulge your child's appetite for candy, you're perhaps wondering how to get rid of the excess in a way that is not wasteful. Well, here are a few tips.
Sis Monica8 months ago
Fall in Love with Drive Thru
We've all done it. You're at the Supercenter with your kids, their best friends and at least one kid that no one really knows waiting for you to entertain them with after school snacks, a slumber part...
10 Lamb Recipes You Need to Try
Lamb has a long and storied history in many parts of the world, but in North America, it remains vastly underrated and underutilized. If you've never tried lamb before, or if you just want to expand y...