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Milan Rossa year ago
Food Tips and Hacks Everyone Deserves to Know
For a fundamental task everyone should be able to handle by the time they reach adulthood, the word "cooking" strikes fear into a LOT of people. I personally have the opposite reaction with that word....
Kasey Colligana year ago
Make Cold Brew at Home
I loved Cold Brew before it was cool. I'd been sucking back Cold Brews from May through August long before Starbucks and Dunkin' Donuts were slinging them across the counter. If it's over 60 degrees o...
Alex Fetterhoffa year ago
How to Be Your Own Barista
All that money starts to rack up when you spend tons every morning on your Starbucks. Here are tips, tricks, and techniques to being your very own, at-home barista!
Ellie Cooka year ago
Ice Cream Three Ways
It's pouring down with rain as I write this; the first break in a weeks-long heatwave that has left our entire country reeling. I know we Brits are known for nattering about the weather, but it just g...
Maria Fabianaa year ago
How to Make Delicious Iced Coffee in Three Easy Steps 2018
Hey everyone! If you are reading this, I can tell you are a coffee lover just like me. I absolutely love coffee but I definitely hate going out of the house just to buy some. Since I am really lazy, I...
Julia Talbota year ago
How to Be a Foodie When You're Broke
It's tough to be a foodie when you're broke. You see all your friends going to craft breweries and burger bars, and you can't even afford the garnish. It makes a guy or gal sad. It's the opposite of e...
Jennica Janaea year ago
8 Tiny Condiments for On-the-Go Emergencies
If you’ve ever read my blog or any of my pieces on then you know I have a love for all things tiny. I’m even in the middle of building my own tiny home. Initially, I was writing a new post ...
Brianna Warda year ago
Healthy DIY Snacks
The Story Behind My Decision to Eat Healthier (Healthier is there for a reason.) Have you ever wanted a snack but couldn't find anything that was both healthy and filling? Eating healthy doesn't have ...
How Much of This Equals That? And Other Little Tidbits
Never let a recipe stump you because you cannot figure out unusual calculations such as in these following food items.
Ashley Terrella year ago
Four Reasons Why Table Dance is the New Food Wave
No one wants to stand in front of the freezer at seven in the morning contemplating what to thaw for dinner. You have thoughts and recipe inspiration for chicken and salmon, but there's always a debat...
Growing a Food-Based Economy
There is a Facebook group I have been following for a few years now called "Grow Food, Not Lawns." It is exactly what it sounds like and summarizes the points I will make in this piece quite nicely. H...
10 Simple Baking Hacks That Will Make Your Life Easier
Just like cooking, there's a lot of ways you can master the art of baking. From the unique appliances to tricks that can help you out, there's unlimited ways and healthy desserts you can whip up. And ...
Keith Jonesa year ago
'Traditional' Ramen
When times get tough, money is your main concern. You pay your rent, your bills, your car, and any other expenses that need to be paid and what you are left with to buy food can sometimes seem like po...
Looking for Love? These 5 Valentine’s Day Ideas Will Give You an Edge!
Consider this your two-week warning, people…Valentine's Day is just around the corner! With a little bit of planning you can ditch that last-minute rush to a neighborhood drugstore for a box of boring...
Stefanie Dueck2 years ago
Really, Maple Syrup Maple Sausages!
Hello, I'm Stef, I really really enjoy concocting new meals or even amping up stuff I've already made. I started cooking and baking with my Grandma at a very young age and found it to be my passion th...
Alisha Van Dam2 years ago
DIY Spicy Chai
I was experimenting today with a few of the many essential oils I have. Not only have I created a new favourite recipe for chai tea, but I have also found a method that is easy for me being a busy wor...
Priya Ganatra2 years ago
Macarons a la Moron
Its 10pm, 24 days and counting till exams, and I'm banging my head against an economics text book. My solution is macarons! I run to the local shop, pick up all necessary ingredients and return home f...