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Roc Travers4 days ago
How to Bake Away the Pain of Being a Bad Person: Brownies
We all have those thoughts that make us feel a little bit guilty. Starting to realise you don't like your children as people? Confused as to why you daydream about tax evasion and why it turns you on?...
Pamela k Conoly8 days ago
Chicken Fried Rice from Scratch!
This is one of those staple recipes that you can do a lot with. I stumbled onto this when running into a block as to what to make for dinner and had an abundance of various basic ingredients and no wh...
Tobias Gillota month ago
Creative Ways to Get Your Caffeine
Spending money on fancy coffee is as American as apple pie. More than one-third of Americans spend more money on their coffee fix than on investing money into the stock market. Even if you don’t care ...
Em, Ia month ago
Elderflower Power
As spring turns to summer, lace-like flowers begin to bloom throughout the hedgerows of the British countryside and a sweet, intoxicating scent fills the air. This can only mean the elderflower season...
John Romanov2 months ago
This Just In: Tea Leaves Are Great for House Plants!
In an effort to be more conscious of my usage and waste production, I have sought different ways I can reuse every day expendables. Of course, recycling and composting has become a primary part of my ...
Philip P.2 months ago
5 Simple Everyday Goodies that You Can Make Yourself
The supermarkets in which we buy ingredients, probably offer plenty of food. People today are living a fast life in which they sometimes have zero time to make their favorite meals at home. They will,...
Aleesa Rudder4 months ago
Gardening for Everyone
Apartment living can get expensive, especially when you've got a big grocery bill and you barely eat the amount of food you buy! Some people solve this by grocery splitting with neighbors (I.E. your n...
Michelle Frank4 months ago
Creating a Cake
This past Sunday (December 16) was the 15th birthday of one of my daughters. She still likes to have themed parties, and this year she chose to have a fantasy theme. Now, I prefer to make their cakes ...
Abigail Brooke6 months ago
Buffalo Chicken Taquitos
Buffalo chicken dip!! My youth group leader was the first person to ever introduce this dip to me. She always brought it to game nights or to youth group, and always had it made up when we had special...
Cato Conroy6 months ago
10 Meal Planning Tips That Will Change How You Eat During the Week
Studies show that one of the best ways to stay healthy and feel better about your life is through a healthy, balanced diet. A healthy diet isn't something you can just buy from a store, though—and tha...
Lindsay Haimm6 months ago
10 Baking Hacks That Can Turn You into a Cake Boss
There are many ways to make baking easier and more practical. The different ingredients that you can add into your desserts are endless, and there are many ways to make the desserts last longer. Here ...
Michaela B7 months ago
Pros and Cons to Teaching Yourself How to Cook and Bake
As a single young person I found cooking tedious and time consuming. I much preferred to spend my time talking to people, doing school work or binge watching Netflix. However, after having a baby I de...
Alexa Bell7 months ago
Basics of Baking
Welcome back! To pick up from where I left off, I gave you a wonderful yet simple cake recipe that can be modified in so many ways! Add a shot of strong coffee; coffee cake. Take out a little of the f...
Meghan T7 months ago
Healthy Meals on a Budget
So you're trying your hardest to eat healthy and exercise but the health food store is just too overpriced. I feel you. You're a busy working individual and sometimes just don't have time to cook an e...
Kendall Cardoza7 months ago
5 Easy Meals for College Kids
College is all fun and games until it comes to 2 things... Money... and Food. A lot of students eat fast food because it is cheap and less time consuming. In this list there at 10 super easy meals, a ...
Milan Ross8 months ago
Food Tips and Hacks Everyone Deserves to Know
For a fundamental task everyone should be able to handle by the time they reach adulthood, the word "cooking" strikes fear into a LOT of people. I personally have the opposite reaction with that word....
Kasey Colligan8 months ago
Make Cold Brew at Home
I loved Cold Brew before it was cool. I'd been sucking back Cold Brews from May through August long before Starbucks and Dunkin' Donuts were slinging them across the counter. If it's over 60 degrees o...
Alex Fetterhoff9 months ago
How to Be Your Own Barista
All that money starts to rack up when you spend tons every morning on your Starbucks. Here are tips, tricks, and techniques to being your very own, at-home barista!