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Summer Entertaining Gift Giving Guide

From the Inexpensive to the Slightly Extravagant

Photo by Kelsey Chance on Unsplash

I have some fantastic friends. And within this group of friends, there's a core group of us who just truly love to cook, have people over, and enjoy some time together. We share recipes and ideas from the latest articles or Tasty videos we've watched. In recent months, I've been compiling a list of gift ideas for this group of friends that are related to cooking and entertaining. (Okay...if I'm being honest...it's really just a list of stuff I'd love someone to buy me. But really, the stuff on this list would make great gifts.) And today I'm going to give you a little peak at the list. You may find something on the list that makes a perfect wedding gift or maybe would just be a great addition to your home!

MyGift 6-Glass Craft Beer Tasting Flight Set with Rustic Wood Serving Caddy

Of course, we love some adult beverages. Our style is pretty casual when it comes to getting together...which often means it ends up being BYOB. And beer is often the beverage of the evening! With this great beer flight caddy, you can have everyone sample the various beers that have been brought and create your very own tastings! Beer flights are also fun when you only have one or two bottles of a particular beer left in the frig and you're trying to use them up! This one is great as you can write in chalk to showcase your selections and erase when the next flight is created!

RAVENNA Authentic Wood-Fired Clay Pizza Oven (Red Brick Style)

I'll admit that this little prezzie is a bit more expensive, but would be so great for backyard entertaining! Come on! It cooks a pizza in just a couple of minutes! Can't you just picture having a MYO pizza night on the back deck with loads of toppings and everyone just popping their pizzas into this bad boy! And I love the style of it! It actually looks kind of rustic and like a miniature version of a traditional pizza oven.

Della Premium Ice Maker Portable Counter-Top, Daily Ice Making Capacity: 26 LBS (Silver)

One thing we never seem to have enough of is...ice. (I know...you thought I was going to say beer!) Especially with summer here! While I have a refrigerator ice maker (and I can always stop and pick up huge bags of ice at the local convenient store) this countertop ice maker is a great gift! (And even better for those that don't have a fridge with a built-in ice maker!) This thing will create up to 26 pounds of ice per day and that should be enough to keep any party going!

SMALL, Terracotta Tapa Plates Set of 5 - Hand Painted From Spain

Entertaining doesn't always mean having to prepare a big dinner where everyone sits down at a formal table. It can be as simple and easy as a great selection of appetizers—which means these tapas plates would work perfectly! They add just enough color and style to make guests feel like you've gone out of your way to prepare something special for them. And that's all good entertaining is...it's just making your guests feel special.

BambooMN Universal Premium Pull Out Cutting Boards - Under Counter Replacement - Designed To Fit Standard Slots Heavy Duty Kitchen Board with Juice Groove - 22" x 22" x 0.75" - 1 Piece

If you're only using your cutting board, well, for cutting...then you are really missing out! This huge cutting board by BambooMN is awesome for creating huge antipasti platters, serving family style meals, or constructing the ultimate cheese platter. (The stinkier the cheese the better the platter IMHO!) This one is high on my personal wishlist!

Aoocan Marshmallow Roasting Sticks Extending Roaster Set of 12 Telescoping Smores Skewers & Hot Dog Forks 32 Inch Fire Pit Camping Cookware Campfire Cooking Kids Accessories – FREE Bag

Aren't we all just kids at heart? And just like kids, who can resist a s'more?I can't! So bring your friends back to their childhood when you roast some marshmallows over the backyard firepit. This set is fantastic as the handles can be extended (so you don't singe the hair on your arms) and makes storing them easy. And here's a tip if you want to make your s'mores a bit more adultish: Buy some gourmet candy bars with different fillings and add-ins and leave the Hershey bars for the kids!

Cold Brew Coffee Maker By Coffee Panda - Protective No Slip Base - 44 Ounce/1.3 Quart Heavy-Duty Glass Pitcher with Easy To Clean Reusable Mesh Filter - Dishwasher Safe - Iced Coffee and Tea Brewer

I'm a huge fan of cold brew coffee—especially in the summer—but not a fan of the price my local barista wants to charge me for it! That makes this gift ideal! You can brew 44 ounces of cold brew at home using your favorite coffee! I've given this gift to several friends in the past few months and it's been a hit! And, I even share with them my secret for making the perfect cup of slightly sweetened cold brew—want to know what it is? A spoonful of sweetened condensed milk! Yum!

So there's a sneak peek at my summer entertaining gift-giving guide! (Wow! That's a mouthful!) From beverages to dessert—there's a little something for everyone! What gifts have you received lately that you just love? What about gifts that you've given? Love to hear what fellow entertainers are giving and receiving!

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