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Strawberry, Mint and Flax Seed Smoothie

Strawberry smoothie recipe.

“One must ask children and birds how cherries and berries taste”

Strawberries are very flexible and can be used in any dessert because of their taste, texture and most importantly their colour, which is one on the most attractive amongst all the available fruits. Here is my first recipe of a smoothie using strawberries this winter. It's a simple combo of strawberry, mint and yogurt with a dash of flax seed to give it a crunch and increase the protein content, thus making it a healthy drink. Best part about this dish is that it requires ingredients that are readily available in the market and require minimum time for preparation. A perfect combo of flavour along with this perks is something which you wouldn’t like to miss. So without wasting more time I will take you through the simple steps closer to the heaven.


  • Strawberry: 100gms
  • Mint yogurt: 300gms
  • Strawberry Ice cream: 1 scoop(30gms)
  • Flax Seeds: 10gms
  • Honey: 15ml(add more if required depending on sweetness of strawberry)
  • Clotted Cream: 2 spoons (Malai)


  1. For mint yogurt just make sure you add chopped mint leaves in the milk that you use for making curd, so that it extracts prominent flavour overnight.
  2. Blend all the ingredients along with ice cubes in a food processor or using hand blender till smooth and thick consistency. Clotted cream will add to the richness of the smoothie.
  3. Serve cold in jar topped up with diced strawberry, milk foam, flax seeds and fresh mint leaves. A perfect end to a light meal on an off day.

TIME – Only 5 mins if ingredients are ready

I hope this recipe will win a lot of hearts. Do not forgot to share the recipe with others and follow me on social media platforms to cherish more such recipes. Until then enjoy.

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Strawberry, Mint and Flax Seed Smoothie
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