Starbucks' Cappuccino Freddo

Drink Review

Starbucks is one of the biggest coffee chains in the world. I've always been very fond of the brand as it's one I have found in almost every country that I've been to. I love how different the menus are and I like how you can try different kinds of teas and coffees around the world. And now Starbucks has once again expanded its menu. And Pumpkin Spice latte is back on the menu! (Rejoice!) 

I love tea and I love coffee. I love them enough to write a poetry book about them. I'm planning to write a poetry book about drinks and even though the next book is dedicated on alcohol, I'm willing to add some about teas and coffees that I haven't covered in the last book. 

Cappuccino Freddo is one of the new drinks on the Starbucks menu. One that I felt inclined to write a review about. The name itself was what attracted me to the drink. I also liked the look of it when other people were ordering it. It looked visually pleasing and very refreshing. 

Sadly, it's not suitable for vegans or those who are lactose intolerant. Starbucks staff on Facebook advised those users to try other drinks on their menu. I believe it's due to how the milk foams which is a shame. I hope that one day a dairy free version of this drink will come to the market soon. 

The good thing about this drink is its low calories. One cup, according to, is only 54 calories and compared to other Starbucks drinks, it is low in sugar with only 9g.  I can see this drink being highly appealing to those who care about their health but also want to try something new.

When I first heard the name of this drink the first thing that came to my head was this:

The cute little chocolate frogs you used to get for 10p.

On an impulse, I decided to try it as soon as I saw it on the menu at Starbucks. It sounded like such an awesome concept and I decided to try the drink. It wasn't what I was expecting, but I did enjoy it. I kept expecting that sweet chocolatey flavour because I kept having that little Freddo frog in my head. 

But that's not a bad thing. Whilst taking sips of my drink, I decided to Google Cappuccino Freddo. I was eager for information about something that I considered being a newly invented drink. On the first Google page, I discovered a campaign for Starbucks to acknowledge the drink's origin. 

Cappuccino Freddo is a cold beverage originated from Greece. Starbucks describes it as slightly sweetened espresso coffee with cold milk foam on top. And believe me, there is a whole lot of foam in Starbuck's version of this drink. 

Things that came to mind when I had this drink was there there was lots of froth and lots of ice. And in my notebook, I wrote that it was very strong and it wasn't as sweet as I had expected it to be. The aftertaste lingered for a very long time. 

This is the first time I've ever had a Cappuccino Freddo, and I think I would have it again but would try it in Greece if I ever get to go there. I know that's a very well-loved drink in Greece and Starbuck's Facebook page has had some overwhelmingly positive feedback about this drink. 

I did sign the petition in the end. Because I think if Starbucks says that this coffee is a Greek beverage it would stop people thinking it's a chocolatey drink like I assumed it would be. I think it's a disservice to the drink to not be proud of its Greek roots.

Overall I think it's a very nice drink. It certainly has a unique flavour. It had a very subtle sweetness which I liked and I could also feel the strength of the espresso. At the end, I was left with all the foam and ice and I wanted more coffee!  

I don't know how long it will be on the menu for, but judging from the comments, I think it's going to stick around for a while. If this drink ever comes available in your area, then I recommend that you try it! 

If you want to sign the petition, do it here