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Shrimp and Cauliflower Grits

Healthy Breakfast Option

So I have been on a SUPER hunt for tasty carb substitutes. And a lot of my substitutes lately have been cauliflower related. So when I saw someone mention on Facebook that they recently had cauliflower grits, I HAD to investigate this further. When I googled looking for a recipe, I realized it looked really simple to make, and I already had most of the ingredients. I decided to make this breakfast meal, and I would love to share the process and results with you. Check it out!

Here is the recipe.

When I looked at the recipe, there were a couple of things I had to substitute or make less of, but overall I had it. You probably have all the ingredients in your pantry right now if you keep cauliflower rice around. And if you don’t, it’s inexpensive and can be purchased at almost any grocery store. The recipe called for heads of cauliflower, but I find it easier and less time consuming to get cauliflower rice. Speaking of time, this recipe says it takes 30 minutes to make, and I would say that’s pretty accurate.

Since I made this recipe on the fly, there was a couple of things I had to substitute. I used cauliflower rice instead of cauliflower. I also used cilantro instead of parsley. I looked up a good substitute for parsley here and cilantro was listed. Along with substituting, I also didn’t have enough of some ingredients like the shrimp. I think I had about half of what the recipe called for, but I seemed to be pretty even when I divided the grits and shrimp up into bowls.

I had tried to make cauliflower mashed potatoes once and those came out very watery, so I was very skeptical of how this would taste. I was very happy with the results though. It actually tasted like grits! (One thing I would change is the consistency. I would have processed the cauliflower rice for longer to make it more smooth.) It was creamy, flavorful, and healthy! I am happy to have another healthy substitute to add to my list. The goal is to replace all of my unhealthy food choices with better ones.

Have you guys ever made cauliflower grits? What are some other things you made with cauliflower?

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Shrimp and Cauliflower Grits
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