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Set Out on a Gastronomically Gratifying Food Journey in Singapore

Foodie in Singapore

Food tripping SIngapore

If you are a foodie traveller like me, you'll fall in love with this destination. During my recent visit to Singapore, I had the opportunity to experience their delicious cuisine. From hawker centres to the Michelin star restaurants, foodie travel is a big scene here in Singapore. Their food heritage is a combination of Chinese, Indian, Malaysian, and Indonesian influences. As a tourist, be sure to try the local food at the local eateries and make a checklist (more like a bucket list) of the places to dine out during your itinerary. Authentic Singaporean Cuisine is an explosion of flavours and every item that you pick will leave tasty memory craving for more! After having tried a lot of their specials, it was indeed a little difficult for me to put a list as this down. But, here are my top five picks that you must try while in Singapore.

1. Laksa

This Chinese-Malay inspired Seafood dish tops my list of mains. Traditional Singaporean Curry Laksa is a spicy delectable mix of coconut milk, broth teamed with fish cakes, shrimps, vermicelli or trimmed noodles, and bean sprouts. Although there is another Malay variant of Laksa available, I would still strongly suggest you opt for the authentic Singaporean variant of Curry Laksa over Asam Laksa.

2. Chilli Crab

If you just google Singapore, you'd probably see Chilli Crab come up as the first suggestion. Chilli Crab is often referred to as the national dish of Singapore. There are two variants of this dish available; one is the pepper variant and the other is a chilli variant. If you ask me, I'd hands-down go for Chilli Crab over the pepper one. This spicy yet heavenly satisfying dish is made of black mud crabs that are cooked in a thick creamy sauce that's sweet yet savoury, blended in with chillis and tomato for flavour.

3. Iced Kachang

This is one of Singapore's classic cold desserts served at most dessert stalls. Shaved ice, red beans, jelly combined with sweet syrup and your favourite toppings like durian, peanuts, and so on makes this wacky dessert one of my favourites here in Singapore. This Instagram perfect dessert is totally a treat for your tummy after the spicy mains.

4. Milo Chiffon Pandan Cake

Until the moment I tried the Milo Chiffon Pandan cake, I would have never fallen in love all over again! There's surely something intoxicating about the flavour of Pandan or maybe it is the fact that the cake melts in your mouth exploding with flavours that will, in turn, melt you down. Folks, I am not exaggerating here, this sponge-like textured green cake together with Milo is carefully baked with exact measurements and has a distinguishable richness that you'll love.

5. Nasi Lemak

It started off as a farmer's meal and then was a meal that shared by large families from the same plate. This dish is an origination from Malaysia and is a fragrant rice that is cooked in coconut milk and pandan leaf, served with side dishes like deep-fried fish, omelette, chicken wings and fried anchovies.

Singapore is so much more than the gorgeous places to explore, it’s a foodie’s paradise. They say, a good way to know a city is through their food and this destination reveals a lot of deliciousness along your trail. Wherever you choose to dine, try the authentic local cuisine and you bet you’ll fall in love. In Singapore, the dining choices are unlimited. From local delights at the hawkers centre to fine dining experiences at the Michelin star restaurants, you’ll get to experience it all. 

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Set Out on a Gastronomically Gratifying Food Journey in Singapore
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