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Recipes for Food Shown in Ghibli Films

To Satisfy the Cravings You Probably Get During the Films

No Face after he becomes corrupted and begins to eat everything (including a few people) in the Spirited Away bath house.

Inspired by the exhibit at The Ghibli Museum in Japan, I'd like to present to you a few recipes of the most popular foods that come to mind when you remember your favorite Studio Ghibli films!

Steamed Buns

First up, we have Anpan steamed buns just like the ones Chihiro eats in the film, Spirited Away. YouTuber Kristin Lagman is to thank for satisfying this particular craving. Spirited Away is one of the most widely known and loved films that have come out of Studio Ghibli. It is also the film that probably showcases the most food out of all of them! I almost always get cravings for the food I see in this film! It's rather difficult not to, actually! I don't even mind if it turns me into a pig.

Bacon and Eggs

As seen in the film, Howl's Moving Castle, this dish is pretty simple and straightforward. It is essentially a few things that you're probably already familiar with making. Just serve with your favorite bread and voila! You may as well be sitting at the breakfast table with Blond Howl, Old Sophie and Markl while a disgruntled Calcifer watches from the fireplace.

Herring and Pumpkin Pie

This scrumptious looking recipe comes to you directly from Kiki's Delivery Service. Thanks again to Kristin Lagman for pulling together all these great Ghibli recipes! If you make this one and enjoy it, let me know! Shoot me an e-mail or tag me in it on Instagram or Twitter! My info is down below this story! 


Straight out of the Ghibli film that is perhaps the most popular among young children, this is how to make instant ramen. This recipe, in my humble opinion, is one that everyone should have in their back pocket! Essentially what you're doing here is making instant ramen and then pimping it out with some delicious embellishments! This is one of those that is not cut and dry. You don't have to use exactly what you see in the film if you're partial to other potential ramen toppings. Personally, I prefer super thinly sliced beef, longer green onions, a sunny-side-up egg and some kimchi! Ramen is also something that regular viewers of Kdramas will crave often, as it is featured in nearly every drama you could find, with some even written completely around ramen shops!


Princess Mononoke was the very first Ghibli film I ever saw. Those were the days when I didn't know Ghibli films were even a thing! I just thought it was a really cool anime film. I was about twelve years old when I saw it for the first time. I can still remember this jerky from the film. It sure doesn't look like much, but I'm sure it tastes amazing and I can't wait to whip myself up a batch so I can camp out in front of the TV and get a little nostalgic while watching Princess Mononoke again!

Bento Lunch Box

Just like in My Neighbor Totoro, when little Satsuki makes lunches for her dad and sister, now you can make delicious and aesthetically pleasing bento lunches for yourself! It's difficult to say which Ghibli film is the most popular, but I'm sure My Neighbor Totoro is near the top of that list. I wouldn't mind sharing this cute bento lunch with a giant forest spirit!

Vegetable Soup

The Secret World of Arrietty is one of many Ghibli films that boasts calming, peaceful music and a quiet sophistication and subtlety. If you've ever wished you could share a thimble of that yummy looking vegetable soup with a tiny tenant of your own house, you are half way there! I can't promise a small person will emerge from a space beneath your floor boards to dine with you, but I can pretty much guarantee you'll be all but transported into the beautiful world of The Secret World of Arrietty when you taste this savory work of art.

As always, thank you so much for reading, and I'm here to serve, so if there's something I left out that you wanted to see, shoot me an e-mail. My contact information is listed below. 

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Recipes for Food Shown in Ghibli Films
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