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Pulsin Energy Bars: The Best Energy Pulsing Snack!

Flavour Review and Where to Buy Them

We all run low on energy from time to time, and in these times of dreariness, impatience, and fatigue, we often find ourselves reaching for sugary snacks that cause our energy levels to sky rocket... and then dive like an eagle having just spotted a mouse in the shrubs below.

And the shrubs is where you stay after an energy crash: not good.

What is the solution, I hear you cry? I want a snack that is health abundant, nutritious, simple, and quick to eat, but doesn't taste like a handful of earth mixed with a miscellaneous blend of 'health powders.' It's a conundrum for sure; health bars are popping up left, right, and centre in today's era with people becoming more and more health conscious. But that is where the pulse of Pulsin comes into play! 

Welcome Pulsin!

Made only from natural and artificial plant based sweeteners, and made with sustainability and Mother Earth in mind, these are the perfect, utterly scrumptious snacks to sink your teeth into when you need to fill that hunger gap in the pit of you stomach.

The flavours!

Peanut Choc Chip Brownie

With a name oh-so-alluring and inviting, it's difficult to turn your eye to this one! It has a deliciously thick coating of organic chocolate, surrounding a cookie dough texture with chunks of peanuts throughout the bar. On top of the bar literally tastes like healthy raw cookie dough; there is also a powerhouse blend of magnesium, vitamins, and minerals, thus giving you a healthy burst of nutrition with every nibble!

Vanilla Choc Chip

Another cookie dough textured and flavoured, moorish bar! This could easily pass for dessert — densely infused with organic, raw vanilla pods, far from bitter chunks of chocolate chip, and a texture like frosting, it's the perfect pick-me-up mid morning, afternoon, or night!

Maple and Whey Crisp

A more unusual texture... slightly drier, like one of those rice crispy brownies your mom decided to experiment in making one snowy Sunday afternoon. The crispness sets this bar apart, adding fuel and fire to your mind and soul with every bite. A delicious combination of organic flavours for sure.

Other flavours include...

Orange Chocolate Chip

Imagine Terry's Chocolate Orange was melted down, mixed with the cookie dough chunks of Ben and Jerry's secret recipe, remoulded into a delicious, concise, rectangular bar and carted off to your local health food shop. THIS is what Orange Chocolate Chip tastes like. Delectable, smooth in texture, and uncannily like frosting from a Betty Crocker tub, this bar is sure to set your senses whirling. 

Mint Chocolate Chip

This one is indeed a refreshing, minty take on the classic flavours introduced earlier on in the article. Equally condensed and moorish in texture and taste, the mint acts as a slice of modernistic sweetness to cut through the density of the chocolate and vanilla essence. You'll enjoy this bar if you are familiar with Aero mint, Fry's peppermint chocolate, or a good old peppermint patty dunked in bittersweet chocolate.

Maca Brownie Bar

Depending on who your ask, the interpretation of what Maca tastes like will alter. More often than not, however, most will say Maca powder is like a fairy dusting of nutty notes infused with butterscotch. Team butterscotch, the nutty aroma of walnuts and pecans with raw cocoa powder and natural sweeteners, and you have yourself a winner! 

Raspberry Raw Brownie

This one is indeed berry nice. Like the maca brownie bar, the base consists of the same sweeteners, cocoa powder, creamy cashews, and superfoods; this bar is yet another unique snack to have in the cabinet. Combined with the zingy notes of Goji berries and dried raspberries, alongside South American cocoa powder, an optimally nutritious and delicious brownie is created! And free of all the secret nasties other conventional brownies may have hidden within them!

Where can I get mine!?

Retailing at only £1.75 in most major health food stores, this is a steal for the sake of huger craving cures, nutrition overload, and utterly butterly deliciousness.

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Pulsin Energy Bars: The Best Energy Pulsing Snack!
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