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My Favorite Brands of Designer Water

Fiji Water, Evian Water, Voss Water, Perrier Water

Before I continue with the subject at hand I want to write a buyer beware advisory to consumers who might be purchasing this product in the future: BLK. This brand of designer water should no longer be available for public consumption. BLK. water is nothing more than water with black dye added to it. The first, last, and only time that I drank it my stomach was upset and it made me sick and nauseated. 

Fiji Water is my first brand favorite of designer water. I first tasted it when I attended the Heavy Metal festival Ozzfest which is the brainchild of Ozzy and Sharon Osbourne. When I have been out in the sun for too long I become very thirsty. I had seen Ozzy drink it on the reality show "The Osbournes" so I tried it. There was something different about Fiji water. It has a softness to it. I can not put my finger on what makes this brand of water so refreshing and delicious, I've been drinking Fiji Water ever since I went to Ozzfest in 2007. The brand says that it is Earth's finest water, untouched by man until you open it, and it's more than just their sales pitch it's their truth! Fiji Water comes from an artesian location and is bottled at the source in Fiji. The bottle to preserve the water and it's purity is square. On the back of the bottle there is also information for the inquiring mind who wants to know more about Fiji water. Drinking a bottle of Fiji Water is like a 5 minute vacation to Fiji, in that the bottle art is designed to look like a beach in Fiji.

Next on the list of my favorite designer water brands is Voss Water. It's Norwegian Artesian water. For reasons I don't know the product is bottled in tube cylinders and the bottles are glass, not plastic. Voss Water not only sells non sparkling water, the brand sells sparkling water also available in both lemon and lime. 

Evian water is from the French Alps and it was the first designer water that I was a consumer of. The brand has an awesome marketing campaign promoting the inner child and to always stay young! It's a refreshing brand of designer bottled water. The brands that I talked about throughout this article are the same in that they are all different brands of H2O, but they all have unique qualities and offer them to those who consume the products on a regular basis.

Asarasi is a brand of water that comes from trees, maple trees to be exact. I first tried it while having lunch in my favorite vegetarian and vegan restaurant, Conscious Fork. Asarasi water is harvested from maple trees and is in a responsible and sustainable source of pure water. It is an innovative idea to finally start harvesting water from tree but it should be carefully harvested as to not use up the valuable resource.

Finally, Perrier Water is not just a brand of designer water, it is actually my favorite brand of designer sparkling water that has been around for as long as I can remember. Perrier water comes in a variety of flavors lemon, lime, and pink grapefruit and the product comes in both cans and in glass bottles and another one of my favorite sparkling seltzer water is San Pellegrino sparkling natural mineral water. When I am dining in my favorite fine dining restaurants I order the beverage and it goes great with all of the dishes that I order and it tastes great!

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My Favorite Brands of Designer Water
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